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10 Legit Benefits of Bodyweight Training For Men


10 Legit Benefits of Bodyweight Training For Men



Want a great lean body and a super metabolism? But don’t feel like Exercising?

Do you need a kick in the right direction to get you out of your bed?

We know that managing time for your exercise regime is tough. But now, we are going to give quick tempting reasons that can get your motivation soaring.

You don’t have to work hard to be fit and wise.

All you need is to perform few easy body weight exercises for shedding those extra inches that will get in you in shape and make you stronger. Want more reasons?? Then, here they are:

Efficient Workout

Studies show that body weight exercises are one of the most optimized and efficient workout routines. Short, easy and make-the-most-out-of-it regime, it is a delight for fitness buffs.

Cardio and Strength Training

It’s time to kick cardio in one shot and strength training in another. Perform some short slices of body weight cardio sessions sandwiched in strength training exercises. And see how your muscles improve in no time.

Burn the Fat

Suppose the fat that melts like wax turns into strong muscles! Now do some body weight exercises and see how your fat cries turning you into a muscle man.

Tip for everyone

These exercises are for all to perform and gain something out of it. Making some variations in exercise like doing it fast, slow and adding more sets will make the workout more effective.

Improve Posture

When we talk about strength, try to think beyond abs. Perform exercises that involve movement of all the muscles. This will help you improve your posture.

More Flexibility & Endurance

rest recovery & injury thumbTight muscles, inflexible body are nightmares of any bodybuilder and fitness freak. Body weight training can help you gain your strength and flexibility (Cool! Isn’t it?). So no more injuries and aches.

Easy to Carry Out

The best part of these exercises is the ease of convenience. People make excuses “time constraints” for not going for exercises. So this actually “crushes” your workout. With any of the body weight exercises, you can start your workout even in your hotel room.

Body Balance

Since these exercise don’t require use of external weights, they help to improve your body’s balance.

Adios Monotony

Bench presses, pull ups, bicep curls with the fun part can make you feel out of the world. The variety of exercises can refresh from your daily workout routine. So if you are looking for a change from your normal workout regime, body weight exercises can prove to be handy.

Fun and Fitness

The fun part of this exercise is that you can perform it almost anytime and anywhere. You can have a group exercise session with your friends or start working in your room itself.

Check out our huge database of exercise and get started.

Last Updated: July 2nd, 2014

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