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5 Healthy Ways Businesses and Employees Can Celebrate Thanksgiving


5 Healthy Ways Businesses and Employees Can Celebrate Thanksgiving



thanksgiving-quotesAs I start to write this article, I would first of all like to grab this auspicious moment to wish a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there.

So, finally we are here, at that time of the year when families sit together for a turkey- focused dinner and the non- stop holiday sales. However, Thanksgiving is more than just those scrumptious dishes and beutifully thought out gifts that we receive and we all are well aware of that.

With Thanksgiving the air is filled with happiness and gratitude everywhere. This is a day to celebrate and give thanks to all who are near and dear to us as well as the many others who have played a big part in moulding our lives.

This is the day when we are supposed to use the two most powerful words, “Thank You,” in order to show that we truly appreciate the efforts that these people have put in to our lives to make it worthwhile.

Sometimes the efforts might be small and yet we must be thankful. Now, this does not only apply to our family members but also our work partners, colleagues, and bosses who we work with as well. So, here are 5 gift ideas that you as a boss or employee can share with the other this thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving gift ideas

1. Always and always a box of high quality dark, pure chocolate: 

raw-chocolateYou might think that chocolates are unhealthy and one of the causes of gaining weight. What if I told you, not all chocolates are the same? Would you not love it? Yes, you would.

Raw chocolates, which are made from pure cocoa seeds serve as an organic food and can actually benefit health like lowering your blood pressure and improving blood circulation.

2. Gym Memberships And Personal Training: 

A gym member’s program can help employees accomplish a lot more than stay fit. Exercising helps in increasing energy and promotes an excellent night’s rest, that can make employees more alert on the job and capable to tackle their assigned tasks. Because gym memberships can be expensive, this gift is ideal for an “Employee of the year” award or perhaps to reward the company’s overall top-seller. For a gift employees can take pleasure in, make use of a local gym prepared to charge employees a discounted rate. Alternatively, your company pays off a percentage of employees’ membership expenditures.

3. Workout Music DVD’s:

Again this is another very useful gift that either an emplyee could gift their boss or the boss could gift his employees so that they can rock the music, tap their feet, and stay fit while also having fun.

4. A week’s meditation class membership:

meditationSometimes the work pressure can take a toll on most employees and this might cause them stress and even depression because of which their work might get affected too. Meditation is a good option for detoxifying the mind. So, if there are some who did not choose the gym you can always hand them a one- week meditation class membership. A relaxed mind always works the best after all.

5. A healthy thanksgiving health basket

Rather than passing along candy, cookies and flowers to employees for birthdays, company anniversaries and as thank-you gifts, send healthy fruit baskets. Include items such as herb teas, organic coffee, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, granola, popcorn, pretzels and other goodies that promote healthy eating.

Showing that you care, especially to people whom you work and interact with in the office or businesses , and thanking them for their co-operation and help matters most to you and your business. So, try one of these ideas and bring a smile to many faces this thanksgiving.

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