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How Dancing To Keep Fit Became More Fun


How Dancing To Keep Fit Became More Fun


What is the one factor that we look for while we work out in a gym or at home? Music, right? I cannot imagine myself doing any of my workouts without music and I am sure neither can you. When I am doing Yoga I need soft, soothing music and for other workouts, especially dance workouts the music has to have the beats.

Now, since we are talking about music, so let us also talk about dance workouts. What is the perfect dance workout? Isn’t it one which is fast paced, without any monotony, fun inclusive and easy to carry out.

Most of the dance workouts in the market today are not as user-friendly as we wish they could be and this causes our motivation level to drop down. Let’s face it, we all wish we could dance like the entire crew of Step Up does, but the reality is that not all of us are dancers.

Well, whether you are a dancer or not you can always do a dance workout and stay fit and healthy while also having all the fun. What more, to make things easier for you all who want to stay fit, a new revolution has hit the market and it’s called Shazzy Fitness. If you are a beginner it will guide you step- by- step and if you are already into dance workouts it’s gonna rock your world.

What is Shazzy Fitness all about?

what-is-shazzy-fitnessSo, what is Shazzy Fitness all about? This single line will explain Shazzy Fitness for you.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. ”

―  Dave Barry

That is exactly what CEO and Founder, Kristy McCarley, and dance instructors of Shazzy Fitness, Leslie Alison, Apollo Levine and Vera Musgrove believe in as well. Just dance to the music, move to the rhythm, and stay fit. The team is Atlanta- based and believes in fun during workouts. Their USP– dance workouts that fuse hip-hop dance with Christian hip-hop music.

What comprises the Shazzy Fitness Workout?

Shazzy fitness comes in the form of two DVD’s starting with a beginner level and moving up towards an intermediate level. All levels come with 2- 10 minutes of workout options that can be lengthened or shortened according to your need and the time that you can devote at the moment.

The first two songs in each DVD provides the learner with cues in order to be able to follow for the dance moves, while the third song is an all out dance party to mix and match all the steps you have learned.


In the beginningJust as the name suggest the 1st DVD consists of a beginner-level dance workout. This DVD offers the user friendly and easy hip-hop dance moves that only includes heart-pounding CHRISTIAN hip-hop songs and beats.

This DVD begins with an instructional segment with step-by-step tutorials so that you can carry out some of our most widely used moves with ease. This is surely a must have fun dance workout for anyone who wants to learn to dance.

Also, we can see Vera Musgrove leading us through two, 10-minute workouts to songs by some of the hottest Christian music artists around the world.

Here’s a sneak peek of “In the Beginning.”

DVD 2: “A Time To Dance”

A Time To Dance

This is the second DVD- “A Time To Dance,” introduced by Shazzy Fitness in continuation to their 1st DVD- “In the Beginning.”  After I received both the DVD’s I thought of giving it a try and this was what I did on Day 2.

The truth is that, after I had tried DVD 1 I was enthralled to try the second one as soon as possible. However, I did not push it and waited for another day, and when I did pop in the DVD into my laptop I was glad I did because this was more fun than the first.

Again, the moves were simple and they concentrated on different muscle groups, thus giving a full body workout. The moves were a combination of dance and cardio, and to make our lives simpler each move is broken down prior to starting with each workout.

A sneak peek preview of the second DVD.

Who is this workout series suitable for?

So, now comes the question as to who all can carry out these workouts. Well here is the good news. Since these workouts are so simple they are suitable for all ages, even the elderly.

In fact, while I was doing the workouts from the DVD’s, I did notice a few elderly ladies grooving to the music and that made me think, if they could do it, so could I.

The pros and cons


1) The DVDs provide beginners with step- by- step guided dance moves before starting any dance workout.

2) Unlike other faith based dance workouts the music is not slow and is loaded with tons of fun.

3) Each workout in the DVDs is only 10 minutes long and so perfect for those who have little time in their hands. The plus side is also that if you want a longer workout you can combine more than one workout.

4) The Bonus workout towards the end.


Though the workouts are great and the instructions are simple to follow there is this one glitch that I noticed. At certain places, during the workouts, the music gets louder than or merges with the instructor’s voice.

This confused me at some points because I could not understand whether it was the song or the instructor talking. However, because of the moves being simple I was able to catch up again and carry on with the workout.

Other than that, Shazzy Fitness is truly an amazing workout to try.

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