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How Tea Made My Day At Work And Why


How Tea Made My Day At Work And Why


Paper Boat PackagingOf late, with the festivities already starting in India, we had our hands full with a number of assignments related to health product reviews. Of all these, Paper Boat drinks was another review that we had up our sleeve.

It was a fine Friday afternoon when my colleague and I were casually called into the boss’s cabin and handed over a box which contained four Paper Boat drinks, flavored as two tea types- Ginger Lemon Tea and Tulsi Tea. 

I had tasted other flavors that Paper Boat had to offer, Kokum being my favourite amongst the other flavors of Aamras, Jaljeera, Jamun and Aam Panna.

Paper Boat 7But, now what I held in my hands was something different and being someone from a fitness background I was eager to find out whether these two flavors lived up to their name.

This got me super excited to look inside Paper Boat’s packaging and having a taste of their new flavoured drinks.

I quickly pulled out the beautiful jute bag which stored the contents, untied its knot and pulled out two of the packaged drinks.

Me and my colleague finished all four packets in 2 hours, of course having to take a break of 15 minutes in between so that I could savor and distinguish one from the other. Here is what we have to say after our rendezvous.

My Paper boat Review

I have always been an ardent lover of tea and have been on a quest to try every possible flavor on the stands and here they were, two brand new flavors and I did not even have to brew them. The best thing, I liked about these two new drinks is that I could now watch my calorie intake without compromising on taste, given the low amount of sugar present in them
Paper Boat Ginger and lemon tea and tulsi tea

Ginger Lemon Tea

I first had a sip of the ginger- lemon flavor and though the taste did not kick- in during the first three sips, it slowly tingled its way into my taste buds and onto my nerves after a few minutes.

Though, we might argue that this is a common tea flavor, hot or cold, this version of cold tea from Paper Boat has an extra dash of lemon grass alongwith ginger and lemon. Could it get anymore refreshing?

Known for its high levels of Vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals, the ginger root is extremely beneficial for health and lemon blended with the ginger drink mellows the taste also giving it a refreshing feel.

Tulsi Tea

The Tulsi Tea too lived up to its name as the flavor and aroma both engulfed me right from the first sip. Alike the Ginger Lemon tea, the Tulsi tea is also a blend of Darjeeling tea and tulsi leaves.

Tulsi is an auspicious plant that we Indians worship and also use for medicinal purposes. Tulsi can beat down a fever or diabetes, as well as protect your heart, control stress, and dissolve kidney stones.

So, I’d say if not anything the drink could help beat stress which is the mother of all illnesses. Why not give it a try? After all the drinks also promise no preservatives or artificial colors.

There is no doubt that both drinks were refreshing and what more could anyone ask given the convenient packaging which makes it possible for us to carry it around with us anywhere we go.

If you are someone on the lookout for a refreshing drink which is healthy and refreshing at the same time, try them out and I assure you- You will not be disappointed.

P.S:  Thank you so much for the beautiful packaging, the jute bag, and the precious letter. They made my day and brought back moments from my childhood when I always remained excited to try out something new. 

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