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Rock That Body With 5 Dance Moves


Rock That Body With 5 Dance Moves



How are your workouts going?

Is the routine getting boring?

Do you wish you could add some groove to those moves and prep up your style at the gym or at home a bit?

Well, what are you waiting for then? Turn on your music system and get on your toes coz’ today we are gonna shake that booty and tone up those lovely legs and abs of yours.

What? You say cannot dance.

Well I don’t believe you. Anyone can dance and we do not have to be able to shake those hips as well as Shakira or J’ Lo does. We do not have to join any dance classes and be a professional for this either. Did you know that Hugh Jackman did not know how to dance and he still performed those dance steps in his Lipton Ice Tea ad? See for yourself.

Hugh Jackman dancing

If he can do it, you can do it too. There are numerous simple moves, which dancers have inspired, that can give anyone the results they want. The addition to working out that way- Fun bonus with your usual workout steps. For now, to start with, here are 5 groovy dance moves to get you in the mood morning, day or night for a happier, healthier, sexier you.

To start with…

First of all, I want you to know that stability is what is most essential for dancers. And where does this stability come from?  It comes the dancer’s core and strong legs.

This is the reason why this workout program is designed for your abs and legs because other than helping with a dancer’s flair a strong core and toned legs can also make you look and feel good.

So, let’s move ahead with the workout program and before you start always keep in mind that whenever you do any of the moves below, keep your posture up and your abs in nice and tight, to prevent you from injuring yourself.

With everything said, let’s start the fun.

5 dance- workout moves just for you

1. Step- up side raise

Step up side raise

Music to prep up the mood:  “London Bridge” – Fergie

Equipments: Dumbbells, a Stepper, or just a simple 2- inch high stool

Main muscle targeted: Thighs, ankles

Additional muscles affected: Arms, shoulders

Steps: Place the stepper or stool in front of you. Stand straight, and make sure that your back is straight ,your tummy is tightened and you are holding the weights in your hands at each side of your body.

Now step up on the stool with your left foot and once you are up there bring up your right foot and raise it to the side and back down. This will work the outer portion of your glute and the hamstring.

Repeat the same step in the opposite direction till the music track ends.

2. Elevated calf raise

Elevated Calf Raise

Music to prep up the mood: “Party Rock Anthem”- LMFAO

Equipments: a Stepper, or just a simple 2- inch high stool

Additional muscles affected: glutes, arms, shoulders

Steps: Step up on the edge of the stepper or stool but make sure not to trip over. Now raise your hands in- front of you, making sure that you feel the stretch in your muscles as you do so.

Now raise yourself on your toes and stay in the position for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds slowly come back to the soles of your feet and then bring down your hands and place them on each side of your body respectively.

Repeat this step for 10 mins or till the music track ends. Remember to go slow with this step. This is your relaxation dance.

3. Side Plank torso twist

Side plank torso twist

Music to prep up the mood: “What’s My Name”- Rihanna Ft. Drake

Equipments: A Yoga Mat

Additional muscles affected: arms, hips, shoulders

Steps: Lie on the Yoga Mat on your left side with your upper body supported on one your left elbow and stack your legs one on top of the other. Basically you are taking the position of the side plank pose.

When you have comfortably taken your position with the side plank pose then raise your hips such that your body is diagonal to the ground. Now gently raise your right hand and push it towards the gap between your body and the floor and take it back up again, making sure to twist only your hips. Repeaty this for 1 min on one side and do the same for the other side.

Rest your body on the ground again and now change sides. Set your pace according to your comfort. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

4. Standing Fire hydrant

Standing fire hydrant

Music to prep up the mood: “Blow”- Kesha

Equipments: Your body

Additional muscles affected: Thighs, glutes

Steps: Begin with your feet together, bend at the knees slightly, and bend forward and rest your hands one over the other on one of your knees. While you do so tighten your abs and lock your spine.

Now Bend one of your knees while you stand on the other leg. Push the lifted leg back and and bring back in front from your sides  in a semi circular motion. Do 15 reps of this workout for each leg for the awesome toned up thighs.

You can add a little spice to this by adding a jump at the end of 15 reps or by placing the hand corresponding to the lifted leg behind your head and when you push your leg back and bringing it back when you bring your leg forward.

5. Squat Jumps

Jump squats

Music to prep up the mood: “Who’s that chick”- David Guetta ft Rihanna

Equipments: Your body

Additional muscles affected: Thighs, calves, glutes, and arms

Steps: The squat jumps are similar to the regular squats that we do and the only difference will be that a jump will be added to it.

Squat as low as you can and push your hips down as much as possible. When you do this step your hands can be a lot of help so hold your hands together infront of you. When you make the jump, do it on your toes and push your hands back to create a momentum.

Complete 15 reps of this exercise as if you were doing the Zumba. Add some spice to the steps with some shoulder movements or maybe a clap each time you bring your hands together.

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