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Only If The Corporates Logos Were Honest


Only If The Corporates Logos Were Honest



People talk about perceptions and outlooks. As you grow from a small kid to a professional working in a corporate organisation, you go through a myriad of experiences that keep on changing your perceptions and outlooks on various things and aspects of life. Sir Charlie Chaplin once said “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So we leave you with some honest outlooks on the Corporate Logos by Victor Hertz who happened to see beyond what others saw.

They say – “If you had a great eye, you will be able to see life differently. If you are able to see life differently, you will be able to see the reasons of joy, fun and laughter in this stressful life”. Although, you might see them in different light now, they still are wonderful brands, products and services that we will still happily consume. Read on and we’re sure that it will bring a smile on your face. And that’s all that matters to us.

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