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Is it safe to use synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) supplements for bodybuilding?

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Is it safe to use synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) supplements for bodybuilding?


If you are an athlete, a bodybuilder, or a weight trainer, you are probably in a constant search for different ways to enhance your physical performance and boost your muscle growth.

Whether you are interested in building your muscles naturally or by using synthetic means, you must have come across countless advertisements and promises that go something like – ‘this is the secret to gaining muscles, this one works like no other’.

To be completely honest, these tall claims are usually false.

Among all these numerous popular methods, the use of human growth hormone for muscle growth has grown in popularity with the stories of producing remarkable results for many people. If you have questions like:

  • What is human growth hormone (HGH)?
  • How HGH works?
  • Is it safe to use synthetically produced HGH supplements for bodybuilding?

then we have got you covered as this article is for you. Your health is of priceless value that you should never take for granted so we went ahead and did the necessary research regarding the safety of using human growth hormone for bodybuilding. 


What is human growth hormone? And what is its function?

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body and is released by the pituitary gland. As its name suggests, the human growth hormone is vital to the development and growth of the cells and bodily structures of humans.

The production of human growth hormone in high amounts result in stimulating the liver to produce IGF-1, a hormone that has a similar molecular structure to insulin, is mainly accountable for anabolic muscle growth

Other than increasing the mass of muscles and density of bones, HGH also plays an important role in the maintenance of the health of tissues – which includes the ones in the important organs such as the brain and the heart.

Even though HGH continues to circulate in the body throughout a person’s lifetime, the hormone is in the highest amounts during the person’s childhood years. While some people experience a lack of the human growth hormone, some people experience the production of excessive amounts of the hormone which may cause overgrowth in some tissues.

What is a synthetic human growth hormone?

In the modern-day, synthetic versions of the human growth hormone are developed and universally used. Synthetic HGH medically used for promoting development and growth in people that experience a lack of this hormone.

In addition, HGH supplements are able to break down fats in the body. According to a study conducted by the American College of Physicians (ACP), the use of HGH supplements showed an increase in the mass of muscle, decrease in the mass of fat, and increase in the sprinting capacity among women and men.

Why is HGH commonly used by bodybuilders and Athletes?

Although synthetic human growth hormone was mainly made for the purpose of supplementing those that have a lack of the hormone, taking HGH supplements for cosmetic related purposes is becoming widespread these days.

From athletes to celebrities to bodybuilders, the use of human growth hormone is increasing. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, approximately 10 to 15 men on each NFL team take HGH supplements.

But why bodybuilders and athletes are turning to HGH supplements?

Because HGH supplements are able to successfully stimulate growth in the muscle tissues. Numerous athletes and bodybuilders are tempted to take HGH supplements in order to enhance their performances by gaining athletic advantages, or for a fast, cosmetic muscle growth. When taken orally, HGH can get digested in the stomach before it is absorbed by the body, hence, it is typically injected when it is used as a supplement drug.

How HGH works?

HGH supplements stimulate growth in the muscle tissues. In a bodybuilder, when HGH supplements are ingested, his body right away works in growing the systems that are stressed. When you take human growth hormone supplements after an intense workout or weight training, your body right away leads the active ingredients of the HGH supplement to your stressed muscles. As a result, your stressed muscles begin to enhance the growth of the muscle density as well as connections. 

A detailed look at the physiology of how HGH supplements work

Human growth hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary gland in your body. When your body consists of high amounts of human growth hormone, it stimulates your liver to produce IGF-1, which is the hormone that is responsible for anabolic muscle growth.

Although IGF-1 is naturally produced by your body, it is only produced enough to aid your bodily functions and grow at a normal rate.

However, HGH supplements could result in promoting excess production of IGF-1. As a result, your muscle cells would grow much faster in comparison to when your body produces normal amounts of IGF-1.

Therefore, athletes and bodybuilders are naturally drawn to taking advantage of HGH supplements for expedited results. 

What is the right dosage of HGH Supplements for Bodybuilders?

If you are willing to take HGH supplements for bodybuilding purposes, knowing the right dosage is not only crucial for safety reasons, such as refraining from potential side effects, but to also make sure that the supplement works effectively.

The daily dosage of HGH supplements suggested for adult-onset GHD (Growth hormone deficiency) patients is usually between 1 and 3 IU. There is no right dosage for bodybuilders, hence, medical advice should always be taken in this matter.

Bodybuilders usually take a higher dosage – the average dosage being 2 to 4 IU where they typically go between 1 to 6 IU. However, taking HGH supplements could be dangerous for the body, hence, even bodybuilders don’t take HGH supplements for a period longer than 24 weeks.

What is the best time to take HGH supplements to get the best results in bodybuilding?

Majority of bodybuilders take HGH supplements during the weeks of their intense training sessions. Although this approach might not effective for everyone. In some cases, HGH supplements tend to give the best results when one takes it during moderate to long periods of rest. Those who take up this approach suggest that taking HGH supplements during your rest period helps in the return of maximum strength while decreasing the needed recovery period between the trainings. Hence, it is strongly advised to always seek medical opinion to understand and decide what is right for you.

Is it safe to use HGH supplements?

The claims regarding the benefits of HGH supplements are NOT approved by the FDA yet. As a result, it is of paramount significance that you consult a certified doctor before you decide to turn to HGH supplements for any purposes – whether you want increased HGH levels for bodybuilding or rejuvenation purposes.

As every single human being is unique, there are many factors that determine if an HGH supplement will be safe for you or not – some of which include your age, your sensitivity towards medicines, etc. Therefore, a logical way to find out if taking HGH supplements is safe for you or not is to consult your doctor.

Side Effects of Injecting Human Growth Hormone

Anything artificial introduced into your body has the potential to cause side-effects. Similarly, HGH supplements could potentially come with some side effects too.

According to a few researches, the side effects of taking synthetic human growth hormone may be more likely in older people than younger people. Not only is HGH capable of growing your skeletal muscle mass, but it is also able to grow every organ of your body – excluding your brain and eyes.

There are plenty of side effects that people have experienced throughout the years, as a result of taking excessive amounts of synthetic human growth hormone. Some of these side effects are as follows:

  • Increased levels of cholesterol
  • Nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • Numbing and tingling of skin
  • Higher risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased blood sugar levels
  • Fatigue
  • Growth of the heart
  • Gynecomastia – enlargement of breasts in men
  • Risk of the growing cancerous tumour
  • Damaging the liver
  • Acromegaly – experiencing abnormal growth of feet, facial features, and hands

With all the aforementioned possible side effects of taking excessive amounts of HGH supplements, we hope that we can elucidate the importance to consult a doctor before turning to these supplements. By doing so, you can ensure yourself a safe bodybuilding journey.

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