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How To Gain Weight And Step Into A Healthy Lifestyle?

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How To Gain Weight And Step Into A Healthy Lifestyle?


Most of the people in this world are either obese or underweight. Being too skinny is often overlooked but is as important a cause of concern as being obese.

It is probably the easiest thing to dish out an advice to a skinny guy to eat more. But for a lean guy, it is like moving mountains when it comes to eating more and gaining more weight.

Hitting the gym everyday and taking the right diet certainly can help to bring you on the healthy lifestyle track. But for certain bodies, this might not be enough.

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Let’s check about how to gain weight and get deep into the science behind being underweight.

Are you underweight?

By definition, it is determined by using BMI (Body Mass Index). If your BMI is below 18.5, then my friend you are underweight. However, a BMI > 25 is a sign of overweight, while a BMI > 30 is considered obese.

BMI measures the optimal health by taking parameters such as weight and height. Your health
doesn’t always depend upon this BMI score.

Since most skinny kids tend to be healthy, it makes us believe that it is all natural and being skinny doesn’t pose any health problem.

Being underweight is about 2–3 times more common among girls and women, compared to men. In the US, 1% of men and 2.4% of women 20 years and older are underweight (1).

Health Consequences for Underweights

Most of the people only care about the obese guys or girls out there. Not only obesity but being
underweight is also as bad for your health as being obese is.

Comparing it with obesity, underweight men have 140% greater risk of early death whereas it is 50% in obese men. This tells how bad it is to be underweight.

One more study found that being underweight for men is really worse comparing to women. Also, it can
hamper your immunity which might lead to osteoporosis, fractures and cause fertility problems.

Why are you underweight?

There are many causes which someone can be underweight:

  1. Eating disorders can cause someone to become underweight especially anorexia nervosa which is a mental disorder.
  2. Diabetes can also lead to unhealthy weight loss.
  3. Many infections can cause someone to lose weight badly.
  4. Gluten intolerance is another cause of weight loss and turning someone into underweight.

How to gain weight and make your lifestyle healthy?

After knowing how badly being underweight can have an adverse effect on your life, so she’s how you can gain weight in a healthy way:

  1. Hit the gym

Hitting the gym can burn calories of your body and can tear your muscles? After that, those muscles will need food to build them back again strong. That’s why hitting the gym is must to burn your calories.

  1. Eat more

Consult a nutritionist to make your diet plan and eat accordingly. You may start with 300-400 calories more than you used to eat and then aim for around 700-1000 calories.

  1. Protein Rich Diet

Protein-intake does help in gaining weight but under moderation. As the muscles are made of protein, a high-protein diet can give you those extra calories plus muscles. But, a higher intake of protein can cut down your hunger which will make it harder to eat more food.

1.5-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight in a day. Though it is not compulsory
to maintain it, you can go above this threshold too.

  1. 3 Meals per Day

Eating more to intake more calories is the key. Not only protein, you can try adding high carb and high-fat food to your diet chart. In each meal, try to balance it all and eat at least three full meals a day.

  1. Energy-Dense Foods

If you are tired of a large chunk of eating, then eating less food which is more energy dense will can help too. You can have nuts including almonds, walnuts, cashews and more and you can easily buy these nuts using Grofers Promo Codes at discounted prices. Moreover dry fruits, dairy products, dark chocolates, and oats.

So, most of these foods are really full of calories and avoiding the big chunk of food. You can try out bananas which is easy to chew and the high intake is not hard on the stomach.

  1. Lift Heavy Weights

Try to lift heavy weight in each rep which will shape your muscles. Cardio is must but lifting weights must be the priority. It will not only improve your strength but help you gain muscle.

Some notes one must consider to gain weight:

  • Drink at least 10 glass of water in a day.
  • Eat as much as you can – more meals, more calories.
  • Milk is must for you which give you high calories especially protein.
  • You can also go for proteins and weight gainers.
  • Creatine might come in handy too as it can help you lift more.
  • Quality sleep is very important. After the intense workout, sleep can only wash your tiredness away.
  • Quit smoking if you are one of the smokers out there. As smoker weight less than the non-smokers.

It is all we have for you. Staying motivated and Consistency are the key to get a better body and gaining weight. Yes, it can be really hard for some people to gain weight but if you try to set small goals, you can achieve whatever you want.

Keep track of your growth during your weight gain journey by clicking photos as it is going to help you motivate others to pursue a healthy lifestyle too.

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