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How Do I Get Naturally High Without Drinking Alcohol???

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How Do I Get Naturally High Without Drinking Alcohol???

get high without alcohol

Get High Without Alcohol

Q.  How can I get the natural high that I experience after drinking champagne?

A.  Drinking alcohol releases dopamine [1]. Dopamine stimulates you, followed by endorphins, which makes you feel high, and then GABA, which relaxes you. Alcohol also enhances your blood sugar level [2]. Champagne makes you even higher because the bubbles commute the alcohol into your bloodstream faster. But the euphoria  can wear off after an hour or so, leaving you irritable, fuzzy and, for quite a few people, with a hangover the next day. A good way to get naturally high without drinking alcohol is to try a Combination of TMG, 5-HTP and sceletium, a herb from South Africa. These, together with 13 vitamins, give very pleasant sense of being connected, without any of the down sides associated with alcohol.

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