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What Does Filtered Water Have To Do with Weight Loss?

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What Does Filtered Water Have To Do with Weight Loss?


So much talk about weight loss, that you’ve probably lost interest. However, you are still looking out for a method that may work for weight loss.

Our answer is “filtered water”. Sounds rather drab, I know; but stay with us. Filtered water is described as hard water which has been passed through a water softener to convert it to soft water. Filtered water is under-rated, and one of its benefits is its impressive weight loss action. For weight loss, it is recommended to take at least 8-10 cups of water daily.

Some people love drinking water from a government sourced tap. These taps may contain multiple contaminants such as chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and dirt to mention a few. These contaminants are responsible for various side effects which do not only affect our health but have specific negative impacts on our weight.

Here are some mechanisms through which filtered water helps you lose weight:

1. Digestion

Good digestion is important for any individual on a weight loss program. Doctors recommend to not eat late at night is to ensure our dinner is digested to a reasonable extent before we sleep.

If you want to lose some weight, you would not want to be taking in contaminants which slow your body organs functions in the digestion process. Taking pure, filtered water could reduce the risk of intake of these contaminants.

2. Appetite Suppression

Over-eating contributes to weight gain, however, junk food intake can even more worsen the situation. Things like avoiding a bottle of coke and taking a cup of pure water can help prevent the extra calories from getting stored as fat in your body. Drinking water suppresses the appetite, thus, prevents potential weight gain due to over-eating.

3. Proper Kidney Function

Our body organs need our help if want them to help us.  Drinking appropriate amount of pure water can help maintain and encourage the proper functioning of the kidney. This makes a less busy liver, which further aids proper fat burn.

Not drinking enough pure water, however, causes the liver to need kidney to work harder, slowing down the fat burning process by the liver, and thus, leading to less effective weight loss.

4. Rehydration

The act of drinking pure, filtered water itself might be considered the best weight loss approach. After an exercise, our body burns a lot of fat and gets dehydrated in the process. Water, a source of our energy for our body cells, is then gone. Hence, the organs lack the water to effectively help with fat burning process in the body. So one should always drink filtered water to keep the body hydrated. People who are used to living a sedentary lifestyle also have a whole lot of waste stocked up in their bodies. Taking a glass of filtered water could do the trick of expelling these wastes.

Wrapping Up

Hence, we advise to install a water filter in the house, getting clean and pure water daily. Investing in a water filter or a water softener is easy but choosing the best one to fit in your needs could be tricky.

So before buying any water softener, consider collecting more information by reading their reviews and specifications at Spending a few bucks on filtered water could actually be a breakthrough in achieving your desired weight.

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