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5 Simple Exercises You Can Do At The Beach


5 Simple Exercises You Can Do At The Beach


Oh, the summer! The reason for relaxation, sun, and sea. While all these delights are worth indulging in, don’t let vacation euphoria undermine your efforts of staying in shape.

Fitness at the beach is both effective and enjoyable. The sea and the sand provide the perfect ground for many simple exercises that can build muscle strength and burn extra calories of ice cream or celebratory booze.

Fitness at the beach has no real limits, but if you have no idea where to start, check out these 5 simple exercises. For the best results, try them with fat burner supplements to step up your game.

Start In The Water

The movements of the ocean improve your peripheral circulation, boosting blood flow and tissue oxygenation. Start with a simple walk on the shore, making sure the water reaches at least your ankles. Stop when you find a less crowded spot and lay down on your back in the water. Support yourself with your arms and stretch your legs. Imitate the movement of swimming for 5 to 10 minutes.

Abdominals And Push-Ups On The Beach

With your circulation improved, move from the water to the beach. Start with a couple of minutes of stretching to get your muscles ready for exercise. Then lay on your mat. Keep your back stretched and your feet on the ground. In this position, perform a series of 10 abdominals followed by a series of 10 push-ups of your buttocks. Repeat the exercises three times. Finish with a short session of stretching. These exercises are an ideal warm-up before swimming and in order to prepare your muscles for intense physical activity.

Seaside Jogging

Who wouldn’t enjoy an energizing jog on the shore? If you’re not really into running, fast walking is a great alternative. Set your own pace but make sure your training session lasts at least half an hour.

Beach Yoga

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore induces relaxation, which is why yoga and beach training go hand in hand. The best time to practice yoga on the beach is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. A few simple exercises can improve your mood and relax your spirit, not to mention keep you fit.

Although it may sound complicated, there are many simple yoga exercises for beginners. The online medium is also full of tutorials of yoga poses created specifically for those who want to practice this discipline on vacation.

Back Into The Water

Finish your training program with a couple of exercises in the water. Providing you know how to swim, get into higher water and do quick movements with your arms and legs, trying to stay afloat. The movements don’t have to be too demanding as the sea will also do its part. If the weather allows it, take a swim too and make sure your session lasts for at least 15 minutes before getting out.

Follow this routine every day to avoid gaining weight and to stay in shape throughout the entire summer season.

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