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Alternate Ways To Enjoy Workouts Outdoors


Alternate Ways To Enjoy Workouts Outdoors


2017 is already here and its in motion. So, whether you have started carrying out your fitness goals for the year or have just been delaying them, you should know, it’s still not late to make a fresh start.

Like most people, you too might be feeling dull and tired to go out and get active owing to all the energy that has been taken up due to all the work pressure and humdrum of everyday life. If it is so, you still need not be worried about it. It’s is an understandable situation. For instance, many people that are physically active, within urban communities, are runners. However, there are others who just cannot fathom the idea of running. It’s just not for them.

So, if you’re one of those people, then here is a list of a few ideas on how to get active and into the outdoors, without having to do any running, yet still fully enjoying yourselves. Hopefully these insights will at least some give you some inspiration or help you brainstorm ideas of your own. If still you don’t have time to get outside, you can check out some tips on staying in shape outside of the gym.


Hiking is one of the most accessible forms of outdoor activities, especially if you live close to the mountains. For some, it may seem daunting, but it’s truly an activity that puts you in the heart of the outdoors. Also, it’s not as mundane as running. All you need to do is drive to a place that has trails, find the trail, and then climb up it.

Grab a group of friends, pack some snacks to eat at a stop, and hike up the trail at your own speed. All in all, it’s still a fantastic exercise and adventurous one too. The experience is so addictive that you will want to do more of the activity. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your hiking experience, here are some tips, to keep with you.


This activity obviously has some degree of difficulty, which is much different than hiking. Find out if there’s anyone in your peer group, who like to climb and reach out to them. Find out professional climbers or climbing clubs who can guide you. It’s an incredible exercise, especially if you have the courage to do it, it’s also quite exhilarating.


Buy yourself a new bike such as a Fixie, which is basically a bike with a fixed gear system, generally single-geared. With this bike you’ll be able to get where you need with ease and you’ll also have to power to go through areas that would otherwise be difficult to go to with a multi-geared bicycle. It’s a perfect bike to get around with and to keep you in shape as well. Riding will tone your legs and work your cardiovascular system without straining your joints. If you are looking for variety and options in bikes, scan the market for the best deals or checkout Peace Bicycles



If you don’t like running, go out and swim. Be it the ocean (obviously be careful when it comes to the ocean), a creek, lake, or even an outdoor pool, go out and swim. It’s a workout that uses the entire body and is incredibly easy on the joints, something that comes as a problem with running. If you’re not the best swimmer, grab some fins and other gear that can help to boost your skills. In no time you won’t even need them.

Hit the Fields

You did it when you were younger, why not do it now? Grab a group of friends, puts some cleats on or just simply some running shoes, grab a ball, and then travel out to the fields somewhere, to play some sports. Even if it’s just kicking a soccer ball around or throwing a Frisbee, it’s a great way of getting together with friends and doing some activity. For more of a workout, make it challenging with a light game with your friends.



This is another activity that is readily accessible and not too taxing on the wallet, if you’re around a water area. There’s also nothing like being with someone out in the open water and just paddling around. It’s a great upper body workout and also a whole lot of fun.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball

It has been said that playing beach volleyball for about 30 minutes can burn about 256 calories. The fact is that our bodies tend to burn more calories on sand rather than concrete or grass because it takes us more effort to stay stable on an uneven surface. So gather a team, by which we do not mean professionals, and get the game started. Playing with friends makes t a more engaging experience, while not making us feel any exertion all throughout. 


There are tons of ways to stay healthy outdoors. It doesn’t just have to be running. With the New Year  here it might be a great idea for you to incorporate some new activities and make them a part of your routine. Remember, one of the goals to a happy life is to stay healthy and the only way to stay healthy is by taking care of your body. So, stay active and keep your body and mind healthy. 

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