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5 Ways To Build a Bigger Chest Like Hercules


5 Ways To Build a Bigger Chest Like Hercules


5 Ways To Build a Bigger Chest Like Hercules

Aspire to obtain the hefty, all so strong and attractive chests like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone? Want to know the correct techniques for building them up? Getting a big iron chest is not a day’s task but achieving that raised high chest is not that tough though. Crank up your chest and be the next Greek Hercules with those rippling muscles of your chest with these easy exercises that will guide you to build a bigger chest.

Lie down to Fly.

The Floor dumbbell flys work on the complete pectoral region.  Lay back on the floor clinging to your dumbbells straight above you and the arms fully extended. The rhythmic movement of lowering the dumbbells out and downward to either side with an arching motion and then raising the weights will contract the pectorals which can help in enhancing your chest muscles.

Warning: Don’t hurt your elbows in the process.

Floor presses impresses.

The all impressive Floor presses are a healthier substitution to the bench presses so much so that it can the latter’s sessions. The Barbell and dumbbell variations with feet flat on the ground and knees bent help you strengthen the midpoint of the bench press. It works wonders when it comes to increasing triceps’ strength too. Make sure you have a power rack or your trainer in the vicinity to carry out the session. Known to boost your mass and strength, this is an effective workout for obtaining bigger chests. Make sure you treat each rep as a single and take regular intervals.

Bar dips for the perfect rips

With bar dips you will lift your own body weight laying stress on your upper body and thus helping you build and strengthen your muscles in the pectoral region. Raising yourself with the help of two bars/supports and elbows locked, slowly lower your body until your shoulders reach a level lower than your elbows and then push yourself up. Repeat this process while strengthening your arms. Remember to keep your chest up and squeeze your triceps.

Push ups

The evergreen tried and tested way to pump up your chest muscles and feel like a Greek warrior is by doing the push-ups. With the technological upgradations and coming of the machine culture this effective and efficient method has been treated as an underdog. The exercise focuses on pumping up your shoulder and upper chest muscles. It begins by lying Face down on the ground and extending the hands about shoulder width apart. The legs are stretched behind; the elbows are kept straight and a rhythmic movement of pushing up and down the body.

The benefits involved are that no machine is involved, works on your triceps and is a complete workout for bigger chests.


Another plus point to this will be that you can use variations as per your ease like medicine balls and stability balls. It is also a full body workout focusing not only on the pectoral region but also on the abdomen and back muscles.


Healthy eating habits

A common myth associated with muscle building is increase in calorie intake. That’s what we need to avoid. Cut on meals like pasta, junk, white bread and other baked products. Whole grains are the ones to be included in your dietary chart. Protein are a boon to your muscles so that food rich in protein like fish, beans, low fat dairy products, pork, nuts, spinach etc.

The easy tips will give you visible results. So go ahead and stick to these exercises to get the desired chest size. Share how you felt in the comment below.

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