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Arnold Schwarzenegger Knew How To Overcome Self Doubt


Arnold Schwarzenegger Knew How To Overcome Self Doubt


We talk about building big muscles, getting our body in shape, having a healthy lifestyle, endurance, strength, intensity and what not. But we end up being a mortal being who pull off some quick reps without the intensity or the will to achieve something.  The most talked about word in the fitness industry is ‘intensity’.

The holy grail of accomplishment, intensity is what supplement companies manufacture and sell. But not everything can be sold off or developed in the gym arena.

Some things are meant to bring the killing instinct within you. To get the best out of you no matter whatsoever is going in your life.

Motivation is the key that will inspire you to sweat more during your workout.

A host of trainers will tell you that high intensity training is about exercising till your muscles fail. Health and fitness magazines often showcase perfect bodies of bodybuilders and athletes, as a result of high intensity workouts. As fancy as these pictures are, it is important to apply effort according to your goals.

We have the most important killing factors that will double up your effort every time you step in your gym.

Hard work

Not everyone might get results by just pulling off some quick reps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Mentzer are the idols of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Possessing phenomenal bodies, they subscribed to high intensity and high volume training.[1] What led to their success was sheer hard work.

The important question here is – should one train to muscular failure?

Intelligent training calls for lowering your training volume to prevent draining your Central Nervous System (CNS). That’s because even if your muscles recover, your nervous system will not be able to complete workouts at the same intensity anymore.

So, instead of taking the compound movements to failure, take isolation movements there, since such movements do not drain your CNS.


Without the right focus, hard work cannot reap any real benefits.

To build your focus, set a goal for yourself.

If your goal is to work on your strength, then your attention must be on increasing the weights lifted over a definite period of time. If you wish to be a better athlete, then focus on developing your body’s functional strength and improving your skills in the sport.

This will make your intensity count. To channel your energy into actual performance, find the best method and focus on following it like a ritual.


Our thoughts affect the course of our lives. When embarking on a new training regime, we are often plagued by self doubt. Believing in your ability to execute the chosen workout routine is mandatory to attain the goals you have set for yourself.  This hampers our growth and progress.

If there is a lack of belief in your own ability to execute the plan, there is no point of focused, hard work. So, get rid of negative thoughts before taking up any kind of training.

Arnold knew & used these tweaks well in his bodybuilding training. That’s how he achieved his dream of Mr Olympia.

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[1] Laursen PB (2010). Training for intense exercise performance: high-intensity or high-volume training? Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports, 20 Suppl 2, 1-10 PMID: 20840557. ^Back to Top^
  1. nitish arnold

    August 29, 2013

    very nice article
    Arnold is godfather of the bodybuilding revolution that took the world in its grips after he won back to back Mr. Olympia titles.
    Respect \m/