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3 Health Perks Your Lipstick Can Give You


3 Health Perks Your Lipstick Can Give You


“Having a blah day,
nothing going right?
Just put on some lipstick
and dance through the night!3 Health Perks My Lipstick Can Give Me

Tired, worn out,
hardly able to move?
Just put on some lipstick
and life will improve!

Are the joints achy,
muscles hurting all over?
Just put on some lipstick
and get back to being a bowler!

Is the neighbor’s dog barking non-stop,

the leaf blower too loud?
Just put on some lipstick,
and join the crowd!

Is the wind blowing,
and the hair a mess?
Just put on some lipstick,
Smile, at being  a success! “

This is an amazingly inspirational poem written by Marie T. Morrison, that I came across while I was doing my research on how lipsticks can do more for us ladies than just enhance our beauty.

Does the poem not just speak through to our hearts and tell us that whether we are down the dumps, tired, hurting all over, or  even bothered by the neighbor’s dog, a dash of color is all we need to raise our moods. And it is true is it not? When we look into the mirror what would we like to see, a pale face or one which is lit up? The one which which is lit up right?

I know all you ladies out there agree with me. Now let me show you the 3 things that your lipstick can do to make you healthy.

5 Health Perks My Lipstick Can Give Me

Benefits of my lipstick

My lips are always sun- safe

3 Health Perks My Lipstick Can Give Me sunscreen

Summers or not, our skin needs constant protection from the sun and so do our lips. Our lips? Yes, our lips my dear ladies. The most sensitive and unprotected part of our face.

But, there is nothing to worry about as long as you keep your lips covered. How do you do that? Well lipstick of course.

The news from Lori Leib, Creative Director of Bodygraphy Professional Cosmetics is that whether the lipstick has SPF in it, the pigment in it is enough to protect the lips from the direct or indirect rays of the sun.

At present, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer that occurs in the U.S. That is why women in the U.S are encouraged by the Skin Cancer Foundation to use makeup as a defense against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Our lips are often overlooked and we tend to forget that it contains no melanin, whatsoever thus increasing my level for sun protection even more. [1]

Lipsticks which contain the right ingredients can have a lot of healing value and many of them contain titanium dioxide, a physical sunblock, which keeps the lips safe from the sun’s rays and also prevents wrinkles. Sandria Marie, owner of Brazen Cosmetics, states-

“I’m in love with argan and jojoba oils. They provide just the perfect amount of moisture and softness without being greasy/slippery feeling. Shea butter is reported to help with skin turnover (and thereby keeping lips sexy and soft looking), so I also look for that in lip products.” 

Chapped lips are not my problem

When I was in school, chapped lips were always a problem with me. It was not until high school that I was introduced to lip gloss and voila! my chapped lips vanished in a week and I never had the problem again. I owe all this to my lip gloss. Thank you.

Use Lipsticks which contain Vitamin E or Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera’s medicinal properties does not just fix the chapped areas of your but it also heals the wound caused due to the dryness. Vitamin E restores the pinkish color to your lips.

Every time I am out I make sure to at least carry along a colored lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and to also flash that million dollar smile. Why don’t you try the same?

Lipstick- an anti depressant

“People talk about my image, like I come in two dimensions, like lipstick is a sign of my declining mind, like what I happen to be wearing the day that someone takes my picture is my new statement for all womankind.”

-Ani Difranco

How many mornings have we woken up down in the dumps and depressed, looked into the mirror, and dreaded to even look at our own face. And then a friend comes along, pushes you, gets you to dress up, make- up, and then when you look at yourself in the mirror you say- “Wow! I look great.”

That was all that you needed to get out of that phase.And did you realise it was the lipstick that actually added color to you and decreased your stress. Yes. Lipstick is the next stress busters for us ladies.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology claims in a new study, to be the first to demonstrate the existence of the “Lipstick effect.” This theory first took place during the Great Depression in the 1930s, when industrial production was cut into half, and women were seen buying lipstick to boost their morale.[2]

The color of the lipstick adds a certain freshness to the user’s face which undoubtedly also gives them a feeling of love for oneself more. So, Ladies what are you waiting for when you now know that you really have the world at your fingertips. Move on!!


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