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What Happens When You Remove All Sugar From Your Diet?

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What Happens When You Remove All Sugar From Your Diet?


There are a lot of diets that will help you lose weight and get you healthier as a result. From the paleo diet to the Mediterranean diet. In fact, there is even a personalized diet based on your DNA by Uforia!

They are varied as can be from what you can to what you can’t eat if you wish to adhere to them. One thing that is common amongst all of them is that sugar is not something you should be eating if you want to be healthy.

Cutting sugar out of your diet and relegating it to only special occasions is one of the best things you can do in your life. It isn’t easy, however, as giving up sugar is like trying to quit an addictive drug. In fact many people think the feeling is roughly equivalent.

In this article, we will go over exactly what happens when you remove sugar from your diet.

Mood swings

Think about what it is like to be around somebody who has recently quit smoking. This is what it will be like to be around you when you quit sugar. Your body will start craving it and you will end up having some crazy mood swings.

Sugar releases dopamine which is dubbed the feel good hormone. You’ll notice your mood lifted when you eat an ice cream and it is the result of the dopamine hit. When you deny your body and mind the rush of dopamine, it can make you feel bad and you want sugar to release it again.

Be ready to feel cranky and irritable for the first few days from sugar withdrawal.

Your skin will clear up

Many dermatological problems arise from inflammation of the skin. This usually causes blemishes, dry skin and itchiness. Processed sugary foods cause a spike in insulin that results in inflammation in the body.

This inflammation shows itself in acne and other skin conditions. When you give up sugar, your insulin levels go back to normal and the inflammation subsides. The result is much clearer looking skin.

You’ll sleep better

Foods high in refined sugar can impact how deeply you sleep by disrupting your REM sleep mode. When you cut these things out of your diet, eventually you will restore your natural sleep rhythm and find yourself sleeping more deeply than ever.

It doesn’t happen overnight, however, so prepare to wait a while for this added benefit.

Eventual weight loss

Oddly, eliminating sugar is not going to do much to help you lose weight. You’ll need to find other areas to be disciplined in if this is your aim.

There are certain things that happen over the course of your sugar elimination. So, if you can manage to go over a year without any sugar being a part of your daily diet then you will eventually see some weight loss.

It takes a while because you are slowly training your body to go for only the essential nutrients that come from eliminating sugar. Once your body hits that phase then you will lose weight as a result.

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