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3 Ways to Recover After a Marathon

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3 Ways to Recover After a Marathon


Participating in a marathon takes months and months of intense training and preparation. There are several different motives to decide to run in a marathon. For example, because of the amount of practice and dedication required to run a marathon, many people use it as a means to get in shape or lose weight.

Whether you are running this 26.2-mile journey to prove to yourself that you can do it as a means to get yourself back into shape, or just because you have a passion for running, it is going to take a toll on your body. If you want to get back on track directly after running this marathon, below are some tips and tricks to help you recover.

Treating Injuries

If you are experiencing any muscle pain or injury following the race, don’t neglect it. Seek professional medical help.

Due to the amount of adrenaline that you experienced due to the race, any slight tinge of pain following your finish may turn into something much worse later down the road, so do not hesitate to ask for someone’s professional advice.

Home Recovery

One of the most common household recovery treatments is an ice bath at home, and it can indeed be one of the best treatments for recovery. One thing to keep in mind when taking a home ice bath is the temperature of the water.

If you want to get the full benefits of an ice bath at home, you have to make sure to keep adding ice and make sure the water temperature is consistent. Also, make sure that you keep your legs elevated as high as possible when they are submerged.

Another thing to consider is taking over-the-counter pain medications. There is nothing wrong with taking these medications to help deal with the pain of possible shin splints and muscle aches, but make sure that you are hydrated before taking medication not to damage your kidneys.

Immediately Following the Finish

Whatever you do, do not stop moving. After a long race, your body is likely to drop in temperature drastically, so instead of immediately laying down and causing more bodily harm than necessary, walk around for a few minutes to let your body stabilize temperature.

Also, make sure you are replenishing fluids and eating some snacks to have enough fast-acting energy to function throughout the rest of the day. Small doses of healthy sugars found in fruit and sports drinks will help the body recover quickly and give you enough energy to function for the rest of the day.

If you choose to run in a marathon, the only thought that should be in your mind is finishing the race as best as you possibly can. For those that are avid marathon runners and have a passion for running, you will most likely be focused on making good time and improving.

But, if you are a person who is doing it for other reasons, you will most likely be focused on finishing the race. Either way, your mind should be focused on one thing until after the race.

After the race, you should be thinking about recovery because, after all, you just ran 26 miles!

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