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Top 4 Natural Remedies for Diabetes

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Top 4 Natural Remedies for Diabetes


If you are presenting with diabetes, it is important to eat healthy food and exercise regularly to keep the health problem under control. Further, while the medicine is considered an alternative to balancing your blood sugar, you may also contemplate using natural remedies as well. Here are some natural remedies for diabetes you may consider using under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

1. Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Neuropathy is one of the complications associated with diabetes due to high blood sugar levels as well as high triglycerides that hampers blood flow. Studies show that alpha-lipoic acid is effectual for peripheral neuropathy-related symptoms, which may cause, for example, pain, tingling, and numbness of the limbs such as arms, legs, and feet.

Additionally, it may also assist in lowering blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels, boost insulin sensitivity, and minimize inflammation and oxidative stress. Moreover, the best way to integrate alpha-lipoic acid into your diabetes treatment is to consult with your provider. This is because of its possible effects such as reducing blood sugar, which requires a diabetic patient to use it carefully for purposes of controlling blood sugar.

2. Aloe Vera

A small study carried out in 2015 showed that patients presenting with pre-diabetes who ingested aloe vera capsules twice a day for eight weeks exhibited decreased fasting glucose and enhanced insulin sensitivity. This is an indication that the plant may be helpful, especially if you seek to relieve diabetes symptoms. Another published study also noted that also noted individuals’ tolerance to aloe vera with few side effects. However, it is important to note that there is no sufficient data to establish the effectiveness of aloe vera in diabetes treatment. As such, more studies are needed.

3. Apple Cedar Vinegar

To help you regulate your blood sugar levels, you may consider using apple cider vinegar, which has acetic acid. One study found out that apple cider vinegar facilitates the movement of glucose from the bloodstream at a rate that is helping in reducing and balancing blood sugar levels.

Another study that involved adults presenting with Type 2 diabetes showed that ingesting two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before sleeping lowered the levels of glucose the next morning. Other studies have also associated apple cider vinegar with beneficial effects, especially on the levels of fasting glucose. However, you need to be aware that while it is safe to ingest apple cider vinegar, using it along with drugs that reduce your blood sugar may make it drop too low.

4. Bitter Melon

While bitter melon is not authorized for diabetes treatment, it may help to lower your sugar levels in case you present with diabetes. One study showed that taking at least 2000mg of bitter melon per day for an average of four weeks contributed to a hypoglycemic effect in patients suffering from the condition. However, the study noted that it was not effective as the metformin drug for diabetes treatment. As such, further studies are needed to substantiate the effectiveness of bitter melon as a natural remedy for diabetes.


While it is recommended to use conventional drugs for treating diabetes, under the supervision of a healthcare provider, you can also consider trying the above-mentioned natural remedies to relieve diabetes symptoms.

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