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Why Do I Feel Paranoid After Alcohol?

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Why Do I Feel Paranoid After Alcohol?



Q.  Why Do I Feel Paranoid After Alcohol?
A.  The reason why you feel paranoid after alcohol has to do everything with GABA, the brain’s peacemaker. When you first drink alcohol it promotes relaxation and de-stresses by promoting GABA. But the next-day effects of alcohol are to suppress GABA, so you are more likely to feel anxious, irritable, edgy and even paranoid. The best solution is not to drink, but if you have, supplementing 1g of GABA in the morning scan help calm down your brain [1]. Unfortunately, GABA isn’t available as a supplement in the UK, but is in the US. The next best thing is glutamine, from which the body can make GABA. This amino acid comes as a powder. I recommend 5g or one heaped teaspoon, taken with water on an empty stomach right before bed. As well as helping the liver, glutamine helps to repair the digestive tract, which gets damaged by alcohol.

References:[1] Raymond D'Souza, MRCP and Jeremy Powell-Tuck. Glutamine supplements in the critically ill. PMCID: PMC1079583

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