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The Top 5 OVERLOOKED Health Trends (and how to keep them in check)

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The Top 5 OVERLOOKED Health Trends (and how to keep them in check)


I’m sure you wouldn’t have missed acknowledging the orated thunder thighs and hefty flabs running down Renee Zellweger’s waist line in ‘Bridget Jones’. And if that, by any chance, works as an inspiration for you darling, then I’m sure reading another few lines down this article, you’ll find yourself somewhere on the other side of it.I know how embarrassing it can get for you being flanked by people (a colleague for example) possessing not double but poly chinned face. It would be no less than unveiling a treasure finding the ‘line of difference’ separating their body from their face. Because they barely have a neck to flaunt. Or may be a companion with a bad breath could be a real turn off.

Therefore I’ll be consuming your upcoming couple of minutes reflecting the ‘Health Trends’ you tend to ‘Overlook’. So with that I commence the countdownfor the top five overlooked health trends.


5. Obesity:

Has the issue ever enveloped your conscience that obesity is one of the most underrated health trends? Yes, and I can prove that. Right from the foggiest scratch of your toe’s microbial germ to the vividly visible parts of your body, anything can be equipped with obesity. Trust me it feels out of the world if you’re garnished with a compliment like, “it is difficult to put my eyes off you”. Well honey, it is equally a rude awakening if the same sentence is reframed for you as, “it’s difficult to put my eyes off you, because once I look at at you, it takes quite a few hours to travel that magnificent circumference of yours”.

Felt the glitch? I’m glad you did. The reasons for obesity could be mistaken for gulping in more calories, or eating more for example. It is not denied that these could be the reasons, but only the obvious ones. Being diabetic or thyroid may or may not as well account to other reasons for you being obese [1], therefore, to simply stop eating, or to start working out one fine day might not do a great deal for you. Do not ignore and get yourself checked if people are turning their heads and staring you with the weirdest of looks.

If you still can’t relate, then in the paragraphs to come, be prepared to bring yourself to a lot more harsh realizations. These realizations might be as flashy as your teeth look. Err, my bad. Didn’t mean to hurt you, by hinting at the yellow tinge on your teeth. But let’s see how well we take care of our dental habits which bag the fourth position in the overlooked health trends’ list.

4. Dental Follow Ups:

Are we even bothered by the vibrant hues of colours our teeth reflect while we pose for the best DSLR in the market? Ok, the point under consideration is that we often forget to pamper our teeth to the extent to which they should be. A toothache is lingered on for weeks, until it turns out to be the most horrific pain. This is because we have always been ignorant over the timely follow up of our dental checks. First thing in the morning after flushing down the literal past of our diet, we brush our teeth. Now here is something many of us can be accused of. We think we invested around 5 minutes in brushing. Whereas, the reality confesses that we barely brushed for even a minute. Therefore being attentive and calculative of the time while brushing is very important. It’d be even great if we replicate the task before going to bed in the night. I am sure there are many people who’re unaware that it is futile to brush one’s teeth in the morning if they’ve done it, the night before. This fact feasts on the logic that what the germs would feed over, if there’s nothing to be fed upon. So, if we’re being all nice to ourselves by brushing our teeth during the night, we should then probably do that after ingesting our morning meals. If you find yourself inspired by what you read you’re sure to love what you’re about to read. Eating Sugar free Chewing gums twice a day after meals, along with tooth brushing helps prevent tooth plaque and Debris [2].

Still not convinced of being ignorant of your health trends? I offer right your way, yet another commonly performed goof up regarding your health. Standing next in the queue is the no. 3 of the overlooked health trends’ list. Read on to know which one is it.

3. Sleep Deprivation:

Waking till the ungodly hours, talking to a friend on phone. Chatting all night long using the apps that endorse that common lifelong campaign – ‘spoil the young generation’. Studying for the final exam next day. Analysing the nerve cracking project report. Or be it genuinely waking up the entire night at one’s work place, sleep deprivation has approached an individual with nothing, but adverse health effects [3]. It won’t be wrong in personifying sleeplessness as a haunted spirit possessing the person and not allowing them to sleep. A highly adulterated form of unhealthy health habits, it screws away the light off one’s life. The consequences feed over increased libido and lower concentration levels to talk of a few. 2nd one in the pipeline is snoring.

2. Snoring:

Snoring is the solitary of all the overlooked health trends. It is ignored, left alone, never put to test, but the valour with which it strives to survive is worth praising. None, but we ourselves are to be credited for the zenith of success, snoring has accomplished. No thanks giving ceremony for that reprehensible behaviour towards the most overlooked health trend. Ever wondered why your sleep partner, wakes up on the living room couch? The reasons are all the above blabbered stuff. Snoring may or may not be age oriented. It may also be due to some respiratory problems, prevailing since a very young age [4]. Therefore, it is advised to consult a doctor. There are many ways in which snoring can be controlled. There are many throat contracting exercises which when practiced everyday can lead to very positive results.

You may ignore all these, but the one mentioned below is undoubtedly the most overlooked health trend of all times.

1.Fashion Trends:

All that glitters is not gold. This is one of the oldest proverbs which fits in best here. Wearing the skinniest of the jeans, constricting pantyhose or high heels may for once make you preen over your look. But it’s hostile after effects can pave way to the worst health disasters.

Constricting clothes compresses the nerves [5] and often makes the person feel numb in those particular areas. Wearing the glamorous high heels come with their own set of problems of swelled up toes, wearing and tearing of heels. However swelled up toes may also be caused by many other reasons.

So, with that, I leave it up to your grey cells to ponder the good of your healthy life. Ensuing it with just a speck piece of advice – do not let go even the minutest signs of adverse health. Because you ought to be selfish for the goodwill of your own self. So these were the top 5 overlooked health trends. Now, go on to read the top 10 workout trends here.


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