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The Top Workout Trends of 2013 (and the rising star for 2014)

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The Top Workout Trends of 2013 (and the rising star for 2014)



With every change of calender, trends in workout change too. Some climb up, some drop down to make space for better ones. So, here we present you with the upcoming health and fitness trends, to help you match steps with the rest of the world. Also, by the end, we’ll introduce you with new kid on the block, which unfortunately could not reserve a seat in the Top 10 Workout Trends 2013, but is slowly rising up the ranks that may become part of the top workout trends in 2014. Lets find out the top workout trends:


Ideal for: Athletes or people who are already fit and want to boost cardiovascular fitness Developed by track coaches, this fitness program goes on to increase your strength, endurance and stamina like no other. Known by the term ‘Fartlek’ standing for ‘speed play’ in Swedish, High Intensity Interval Training is an advanced form of interval training where you train towards maximum heart capacity for 20-30 seconds followed by few minutes long periods of medium intensity. Calling an investment of only 30 minutes, this one is short, crisp though, not all sweet.


Ideal for: Athletes or anyone wishing to supplement a regular workout for better results Having a strong belief that people push limits only during competition, CrossFit is a community based program with a cult like following. Though not exactly for weight loss, it considers weight loss as a side effect of intensive training. Sometimes you train, sometimes you compete and that’s how it goes. A powerful mix of Gymnastics and Weightlifting, take it up for an athletic performance improved manifolds.


Ideal for: People who are fit already and want a beachbody without going to gym A home based workout routine spanning over 90 days for 6 days a week, and promising ‘regular to ripped’ body. The intense regime comes packed in a set of 12 DVDs complete with nutritional guidelines and expert assistance. Designed on the concept of ‘muscle confusion’ by alloying weightlifting, traditional calisthenics, martial arts and yoga, this trend is one to watch out for.

Strength Training

Ideal for: Anyone aspiring to get leaner and healthier Unlike the above three, its not a well laid training routine but is essentially focused around building up strength and raising fatigue threshold. Employing body weight training, free weights, resistance tubing or the gym machines, this one provides quick results. Highly scale-able, no wonder it appeals to such wide population.

Weight Loss

Ideal for: Over-weight individuals with primary concern of losing pounds Baskets all the commercial programs that aim at incorporating a sensible exercise routine in a balanced diet plan of all those who aspire to lose weight or maintain it. Diet keeps calories under control while exercise takes care of your inches. This trend is here to stay for quite a long time.

Personal Training

Ideal for: Wellness centers and people who want individual attention at the comfort of their home Personal training has remained in the Top 10 for the past 8 years and is still holding its ground firm. Trainers, gaining more experience and certifications are increasingly opting for one-on-one instructing. Though licensing legislation is yet to be passed, personal trainers will continue to hold their importance for effective results.

Fitness for the Elderly

Ideal for: Retired individuals aiming to improve daily activities and overall functional fitness As the world is getting more appreciative of good health and physique, even the elderly are opting for fitness programs. Capitalizing on this new wave, many fitness centers are increasingly coming up various fitness programs ranging from rehabilitation to strength building to fill the gap when gyms are under-utilized. Its definitely a wise decision for people who never want to depend on anyone else.

Group Personal Training

Ideal for: Anyone seeking good health and personal training economically Maintaining its stance, its a popular trend where a trainer instructs in small groups of 3-5 with individual attention and great discounts to the participants. Not only do the people get benefited by the economic plan but get to be healthy in a small trusted community of friends.


Ideal for: Everyone! Re-inventing itself, Yoga is back in the list this year packaged in a better way and appealing people from every walk of life. Weight loss, Rehabilitation, Stress busting or just spiritual awakening, you name a reason and find Yoga as the universal answer. With targeted formats, and attractive results, this is worth every try.

Aqua Jogging

Ideal for: Athletes, runners and cross-trainers Mimic your dry-land workouts in pool with this low impact and injury free workout routine to build stamina and endurance. Much different than water aerobics, this is used particularly by runners to cross train. While maintaining your feet in water, you simultaneously strengthen your neuro-muscular coordination which improves your overall form.

And finally, Kinesis!

Ideal for: People looking for a dynamic and fun workout to improve flexibility and strength A specialized form of circuit training, through a sleek system of closed chain-pulley arrangement. Its a unique workout that’ll cost you only 20 minutes per session is ideal for strength as well as weight training. Utilizing full 360 degree range of motion, its a versatile, dynamic and highly customizable workout of more than 550 different movements. Trends come and go, but health is what stays with you forever. Try out various routines and find the best that fulfills your need and flatters your body. Never jump into any class blindly before consulting your physician or certified fitness trainer about the ways in which it’ll affect your body. And always keep an open ear for messages your body sends you. Stay Fit, Spread Happiness. And tell us what’s your favourite workout trend?

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