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[Infographic] Your Guide To Obstacle Course Race Training


[Infographic] Your Guide To Obstacle Course Race Training


Obstacle Course Race is a form of Extreme Sports which tests the skills, strength, speed, ability , agility, and mental limits of a sportsperson. The sport is designed such that the participant is faced with different obstacles in their path which they have to overcome in order to win the race.

Like any other sport, Obstacle Course Race also requires training, more so because of its tough levels. Some of the levels also include levels which are used in military training.

Training for an obstacle run requires a lot of time and it is always best to incorporate the workouts specific to the sport in your daily workout routine if you ever think of taking a part in it. Here is an infographic which will guide you through the training for Obstacle Race Course and all its other requirements.


The Ultimate Guide to Obstacle Course Race Training – An infographic by the team at

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