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How To Do The Ab Roller /Wheel Rollout ??


How To Do The Ab Roller /Wheel Rollout ??


Eager to know how to do Ab Roller / Ab Wheel Rollout / Ab Rollout / Ab Roll Out / Ab Roll-out exercise? Read on further for detailed workout instructions, notes, video and pro tips for learning proper form and train better for it.

What is an Ab Roller / Wheel Roll-out Exercise?

Ab Roller/ Wheel Rollout exercise primarily helps you develop your abdominal muscles. If you workout like there’s no tomorrow, then glue eyes on what follows.
Type: Strength Training

What muscles does the Ab Wheel workout the most?

Primary muscles: Sweating out on an ab roller benefits the Abdominals i.e. abs and obliques the most.
Secondary muscles: The secondary muscles which are benefited by the ab roller exercise are those of the shoulders.

What equipment are required for the Ab Roller / Wheel Roll-out?

To perform an Ab roller/ Wheel Roll-out exercise, you need an Ab roller wheel.

What are the steps involved in Ab Roller Workout?

ab wheel rollout exercise

5 steps to perform Ab roller / Wheel roll out exercise:

A. Starting Position: Kneel down on the floor with your knees bent maintaining an arm’s space between them and also place the hands on the ground with the Ab roller wheel placed in front of you.

1. Now, hold either ends of the Ab roller wheel with your hands.

2. Push the roller in the forward direction and let your body be stretched in a straight line position.

B. Final Position: Stretch out your body as much as you can over the Ab roller wheel. But make sure the body does not touch the floor of the workout place. You got to be inhaling your breath when you roll out. Now, rollback but maintain the tightening of the abs and exhale when rolling back.

Is Ab Roller Workout fine for both male & female?

Ab roller/ Wheel roll out exercise can be performed by both males as well as females.

How difficult is the Ab Roller / Wheel Roll-out exercise?

The Ab roller / Wheel Rollout  Workout is considered to be of intermediate level in difficulty.

Related Workouts:

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his exercise is not advised for people with lower back problems or hernias.

This doesn’t end here. Find out more awesome bodybuilding exercises here. But before you go anywhere, take a moment to share your thoughts on the ab roller / wheel roll-out workout below.

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