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How To Encourage Elderly Parents To Eat Healthy


How To Encourage Elderly Parents To Eat Healthy


When some people reach 65 years of age, they tend to stop worrying about their health. When this occurs, it is up to their friends and family to encourage them to live healthy. You are probably saying how is this possible, since this is my parent and disciplinarian. Well, one thing is for sure you will need to be patient, sneaky and utilize loving tactics. Below, you will discover several tips to help get your started off on the right foot.

Take Over Meal Preparation

Your parent took care of you, making sure you ate healthy, your teeth were brushed properly and you utilized properly hygiene techniques. Now, it is your turn to take over these responsibilities. You can take over meal preparation, so you are ensured your aging father or mother is eating healthy. You can do this, even if you are working a full-time job and have small children of your own.

All you need to do is collect a few healthy recipes, supplies and then prepare the foods in a single day, preferably your day off. Put the prepared foods in the freezer and when your parent is ready to eat, she can pull them out and pop them in the microwave. You will not even need to be present to be ensured your parent is eating healthy.

Sign Up For Adult Daycare

In just about every state, there is daycares set up specifically for senior citizens. These facilities not only provide activities and outings for seniors, but also provide them with one or two healthy meals. Adult daycares are very affordable and sometimes may be paid through government programs. To learn more about these rehabilitation programmes you may visit

Share Meals With Your Parent

Another great way to be ensured your aging parent is eating healthy is to share mealtimes with her. Now, you may question how can I possibly do this, I have a young family of my own to feed. Well, you simply prepare your parent a plate of food from your meals. You will take it over to her home and share the meal with her.

Meal On Wheels

Meal on Wheels is a wonderful nonprofit organization that provides low-income senior citizens with daily meals. This program provides enough food for three meals to all seniors who qualify for the program. In most cases, participants can receive their meals for absolutely free. If your mother or father is living below the low-income range, they could very well qualify for this program.

The foods provided by Meal on Wheels are healthy and delicious. So, you will be ensured that your aging parent is eating healthy, while you are not present.

Go Grocery Shopping

Lots of senior citizens are capable of preparing their own meals. In fact, some are so active that they will prepare large meals and invite their immediate family and close friends over to enjoy. If this is the case, you should be more than willing to take your parent to the grocery store. Make a list that only consists of healthy foods, before you start your shopping adventure. If your parent cannot accompany you on the trip, go pick up the groceries and deliver them to her home.

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