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10 Best Home Fitness Workout DVDs

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10 Best Home Fitness Workout DVDs


January reports maximum number of gym membership while February maximum number of fall backs. Why? People join gyms resolving to take up a healthy lifestyle, but because of various reasons like time constraints or incompatible workout routine, they give up. Some start looking for home fitness options. So, what should be the characteristics of such ideal home workout routine?

  • It should be compact enough to be completed in work breaks,
  • It should produce effective results and be worth of money and,
  • It should be easy to follow without external help, so one can ditch gym membership.

What follows here is a list of the best home fitness DVDs, qualifying on every level as well as certified “okay to use” by previous users and fitness experts.




Goal: Chiseled physique (Greek god kind)

Intelligently designed by Celebrity Trainer Tony Horton, this compact program comes from Beachbody. The USP of this intense program is that no workout session under this program will cost you more than 30 minutes a day. It is the most advanced and yet the most extreme in the Power90 series and highly customizable. So, based upon the fitness goal: classic, lean, mass, and double, you can scale it up or down. The program is packaged in a set of 6 DVDs for a 90 day workout routine coupled with easy to follow meal planner and calendar to track progress. The program is unique in terms of the “muscle confusion” concept which apparently keeps one from reaching the plateau.

Why we love it: Its short, intense, crisp and will leave room for no excuses. All you need is 30 minutes of full dedication.

WT Review: It’ll actually teach you what “INTENSE” means. You’ll be crying for mercy. Choose only if you can handle.




Goal: Super toned sculpted bikini body

Chalene Johnson, a motivational speaker, life coach and fitness trainer, is the woman behind this amazing workout routine designed keeping women’s bodies in mind. The program is based on concept of “muscle burns fat“, where the trainer targets complex muscle groups to reduce the accumulated fat in other parts of the body. Users have reported visible results from second week itself and are the real endorsers of the success of this product. The workout gives a new twist to traditional moves, so you do not reach plateau and continue to burn fat even after the workout it over. A splendid mix of strength and cardio routine.

Why we love it: Chalene will train you the basic moves and techniques so you do not get injured.

WT Review: A training from basic moves to advanced workout session, plus the super results! Its safe and easy.

Shaun T’s Dance Party Series : For Fat Burning Jam



Goal: Entertaining workout session, minus all the gym crap

The hip hop based workout routine is designed by dancer-choreographer Shaun T, who’ll teach you his unique of tilt, tuck and tighten to get the body you want. The dance workout is sold in pack of 3 DVDs which as a bonus, includes diet plan and meal planner to guide you on your way to great body. Shaun T makes sure you workout every day and thus, made last minute workouts for time crunched quick sessions.

Why we love it: A break from traditional moves and results even better.

WT Review: No excuses here! You’ll love doing it, you’ll want to do it. Its supremely entertaining and fun.

Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga



Goal: Flexible light body through yoga

True to its name, this is a yoga class 15 minutes a day at the leisure of your home. No need to scan yellow pages for a yoga instructor or worrying about keeping a yoga schedule. Just play this DVD and start practicing. Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga is beneficial both for beginners and pros. The poses are segregated according to the problem area and aimed at toning, energizing and then relaxing. If you feel, yoga cannot make you lose calories or lose weight, I’d suggest you try these six sessions. I have to say that, one must expect quick results from this, but keep in mind that the results once achieved will last for years.

Why we love it: Two words – compact and effective!

WT Review: The feeling of calmness it fills you with is sufficient to get you hooked from the very first session. It opens your body and just relaxes you as if returned from a spa session.

Insanity : For Total Body Sculpting



Goal: Complete body workout and sculpting

Expectation of a totally sculpted body from flabby form in 60 days is insane. But, users of Insanity workout, a program designed by dancer-choreographer Shaun T, have reported getting such results from first week itself. It is a powerful of strength, cardio, plyometrics and interval training packaged in a set of 13 DVDs. It’ll certainly feel like you have hired a personal trainer.

Why we love it: Dynamic fat blasting workout with visible results from first week.

WT Review: It is very extreme workout for full body, though works wonderfully.

10 Minute Trainer:



Goal: Sheds Belly fat.

It takes not only your belly fat but also only 10 minutes of your day. 10 Minutes trainer by Tony Horton. The same guy who introduced P90X to all of us. 10 minutes trainer lets you trim your belly fat by working your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and core from every nook and corner. all these, simultaneously. Incorporate these exercises in your daily routine for barely 10 minutes, and see the results. This workout plan is absolutely free.

Why we love it: Least time devoted. Blasts your belly fat. Free of cost. Multiple muscles worked out simultaneously.

WT Review: Awesome workout plan, that makes you workout for 10 minutes a day and you see the results quickly. Intelligent workout session that works out your abs, obliques, core, legs all together by performing just a single exercise.

Les Mills Combat:

Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat

Goal: Chiseled body and Lean looks.

Kick boxing, Martial arts, Punch, Strike, Block. A mix and match of martial arts and Les Mills gets you a fully packaged workout plan. 60 days of Combat and you get a muscle ripping body.

Why we love it: Booms your fast twitch muscle fibers.

WT Review: 6 martial arts principles, incorporated in Les Mills Combat for a chiseled and lean body. Burns up to 1000 calories per hour. The workout program is so awesomely planned that you get to do Karate/Kung Fu, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Boxing—all in a single workout.

Turbo Fire:

turbofire workout program

turbofire workout program

Goal: Burns 9 times more fat than the usual cardio.

90 days’ Cardio Conditioning program that aims at shedding 9 times more calories than regular cardio. a€long with speedy workouts Turbo Fire also includes two low impact workouts. Chalean Jhonson, the creator of yoga workout program Chalean, gives you yet another workout program to burn your fat and calories to a lot more extent.

Why we love it: Full body workout by 20 music remixes in 12 fat killing classes.

WT Review: Exciting workout regime fixed. Works every inch of your body. Awesomely burns fat to as much as 9 times more.

Brazil Butt Lift:

Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift

Goal: Butt sculpting.

Experimenting with your butt could b e dangerous. So Leandro gets for you the Brazil Butt Lift home workout program. It lets you shape up your extra fat belly. 6 workouts and your butt’s sorted.

Why we love it: Brazil Butt lift works on the three muscles of the butt. The Medius, Maximus and Minimus.

WT Review: Brazil Butt Lift includes fun exercises imitated from ballet, capoeira, and Afro-Brazilian dance. Bursts fat and tightens and tones your butt.

Slim in 6:



Goal: Low impact full body workout.

Invest 30-45 minutes of your day and get the body of your dream. The low to moderate intensity workouts help you get slimmer and fitter. Debbie Siebers could make this Slim in 6 workout program because she has herself been overweight.

Why we love it: You lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks. Both Low and Moderate intensity workouts makes it easier to lose weight and burn fat.

WT Review: Low resistance, low impact, less extreme workouts that fetches you a fitter body in just 6 weeks. Lesser fat, burnt calories and all these in 6 weeks.

Did you try any of these? Or any other? Tell us about your experience.

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