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The Athlete’s Guide To Stay In Shape During The COVID-19 Pandemic


The Athlete’s Guide To Stay In Shape During The COVID-19 Pandemic


During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of offices and businesses have shifted to working from home. But what can an athlete, who has a career in outdoor sports, do during this time?

If you belong to this group of individuals, we understand how difficult it must be for you to deal with this new normal. Training schedules, and work plans have probably all turned upside down, leaving you worried about the future.

However, we humans are a resilient species – and athletes, aka you guys, are probably some of the most strong representatives of mental and physical strength!

And rest assured, some measly (albeit deadly) old virus, is not going to stop you from reaching your goals.

To give you a little guidance and a ray of hope, here are 8 tips to keep your body in shape during COVID 19, so you can go right back to doing what you love when this nightmare ends.

1. Plan Ahead

We’re all in a weird situation right now, and daily life has changed drastically. However, you need to readjust your mindset and keep going. Life will continue as it did, so you can’t pause either.

You need to set some goals and focus on what you’re going to do. Talk to your trainer if you have one, and find a plan that will suit your new lifestyle.

Remember, this pandemic isn’t a break – it’s just a change in the way you will approach your goal. Perhaps the methods will be unconventional, but you need to explore your options and see what fits in.

Try to find a place, preferably an open space, where you can train and do your workouts. Set out the times you will work out, but remember – this plan may be subjected to change. However, it is important that you start off organised.

2. Eat Healthy

Just because training isn’t as intense as before, doesn’t mean you get to slack off on the diet. In fact, your diet plan, if you had one before – might actually need some changes.

Perhaps you’re not as physically active as you were. Or maybe your exercises have shifted a great deal. In that case, to keep your body in shape for the sport you participate in, you need to adjust your diet as well.

It’s best to consult with your nutritionist and trainer before making these changes.  Also, try to boost your immunity through dietary supplements. For instance, you can try out these green supplements on TrueHealthDiary blog.

Now, I know the pandemic is a stressful time, but don’t fall back on junk food and sugar for comfort.  This is actually a great time to practice your cooking skills and eat even healthier by cutting off on ordering food from outside.

3. Try to Keep Up with Your Usual Training

This piece of advice may sound useless, but trust us – the closer you can stick to your usual training, the better. All athletes know how important their training plans are.

For many, it is customized to their particular lifestyle and sport. Just because there is a pandemic, doesn’t change the fact that you still need to continue your training for this sport.

So, try to stick to your old training plan as much as possible. The best possible scenario here for you to have your own home gym. Even if you don’t have your trainer – you can always get him/her on video!

Also, although a lot of places are closed, there are some gyms that are open and maintain social distancing and hygiene rules. If you feel safe enough, head out while taking precautions.

4. Explore New Social Distancing Exercises

Of course, not everyone is blessed with their personal gym or the opportunity for virtual classes. But don’t worry – you can rely on yourself to stay fit too!

There are plenty of exercises and workouts that you can do solo, without having to come in contact with people. You can go running, biking, hiking, practicing yoga, or even just try skipping rope.

If you order some equipment and install them yourself, like a basketball hoop or a goal post– you can work independently on your skills. You can also do a lot of cardiovascular workouts on your own.

Your workouts should be specific to your sports. For instance, if you are into boxing doing squats and lifting weights is good for mobility.  You can practice your ball dribbling skills, or even play catch with someone from your family.

You’ll find many YouTube Tutorials and Virtual Training Classes for athletes that might be helpful as well.

5. Follow a Strict Schedule

With endless time in your hand now it is  It’s very easy to get carried away doing nothing. However, as an athlete, your life has always been scheduled – and you should stick to that rule.

Plan out your workouts, your meals, and your entire day – even the hours you keep for relaxing. Keep every hour accounted for, in order to be truly productive.

It’s pretty normal to go off track and sleep in late –but this will mess up your body and sleep cycle. So, make sure you go to sleep at the same time every day and wake up early, as you normally would.

6. Don’t Ignore Injuries

If you’re working out and training, it’s normal to get hurt. However, don’t ignore your pains and injuries simply from the fear of Covid-19. Make sure you consult a doctor and get the help you need.

Leaving problems with your body unattended for a long time may cause more serious long-term issues. This is definitely not good for your athletic career, because you need to be in good shape.

There are a lot of telemedicine providers available during Covid-19 who are giving their services online and by the phone. You can also try treating minor injuries yourself, using heating pads and ice packs.

However, make sure you are in tune with your body, and not ignoring its messages. Also, this is an ideal time to get some rest and add in some rehab exercises for those nagging pains that you’re always complaining about!

7. Prepare Mentally

A big part of staying in shape also has to do with having mental peace. This may not be obvious – but it certainly is important! Make sure to give yourself time to breathe and enjoy the time you have at home.

A happy athlete is always a better athlete! So, try out some meditation exercises and practice your deep breathing.

This will not only help your mind, but it will also improve your focus during training and help you breathe properly during intense workouts.

You can also use this time to watch reruns of old games of the sport you participate in. If you’re watching your own performance – you can analyze your mistakes and where you need to improve.

If you’re checking out other teams, or opponents, you’ll be able to note down their methods and plan your tactics. Overall, this will be a good time to learn and prepare yourself mentally.

8. Stay Connected

Last, but not least, it will do wonders for you to stay connected with your team and sports mates. Perhaps create a WhatsApp group chat or have some weekly meetings with your trainer and team.

You guys can share your training regimes and talk about your problems. This will not only lift your spirits but also keep you open to new methods of staying in shape.

You guys could even have workout sessions together, which are, frankly speaking, way more fun and motivational!

Final Thoughts

Life during Covid-19 isn’t easy, and training on your own with limited facilities is really going to take a toll on your mental and physical health.

But, all we can do is make the best of the situation right now. So, don’t lose hope and try to keep your body in its best condition.

This will not only ensure that you are healthy – but it is also essential for you to get back in the game once we defeat this virus.

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