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A Beginner’s Guide To Achieving A Bikini Body

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A Beginner’s Guide To Achieving A Bikini Body


Ranging from optical illusions to confidence-promoting beauty tips, we can all learn how to create little “life hacks” on how to make a person feel happier about wearing a bikini in public.  This is where all this clever tips and recommendations for a bikini body can come in handy.

1. Trying Different Things On

While string bikinis are highly attractive, your bikini does not need to be the trendy string-side number.  Before purchasing your summer swimsuit, it is highly recommended that try various bikini styles, cuts, sizes, and materials.  While you may not feel attractive in a halter neck bikini, you could feel fantastic in a shoulder strap bikini despite the swimsuits being made from the same material.  Furthermore, you should not discredit the high-waist bikini options.  If you are conscious of your belly, the high-waist alternative is a good halfway point between flashing skin and covering up entirely.

2. Getting A Tan

No, this does not mean you need to go and bake yourself in the sun (unless you are covered in sunscreen from head to toe).  However, fake tan can do a great deal to boost an individual’s confidence when trotting about in a bikini.  A subtle tan can make one’s limbs appear to be more toned; thereby, reducing the appearance of cellulite without having to mask your shape.  Fake tan will take approximately ten minutes in a tanning spray booth or thirty minutes using a tanning kit.

3. Exfoliating

Conversely, if you are not a fan of the bronzed sheen but still want your skin to appear to be tip-top, you may benefit from exfoliation.  Exfoliation is a technique that helps make a person appear glowing and fresh in a matter of minutes.  Using a gentle exfoliating scrub, it will clear away any dry patches of skin and will leave the pores healthy and hydrated.  Of course, you must moisturize afterwards to maintain a balance of moisture in the skin.

4. Waterproofing Your Makeup

For some people, it is not the idea of showing their limbs that falters their confidence but rather being seen without any makeup.  Heavy makeup does not bode well in hot summer months and if you are able to keep it on, the perspiration will often make it appear ‘cakey’ or ‘paste-like’.  If you feel a need to wear makeup, it may be best to use some BB cream and waterproof eye makeup that will withstand any banana boats or cannonballs.  Waterproof makeup allows a person to feel polished, but without feeling any anxiety about melting makeup.  You’ll also have more time to pay attention to the more significant things like ordering another round of cocktails!

5. Standing Up Straight

Even the most toned girls feel uncomfortable and distressed when hunched over or slouching.  It is true that posture makes a difference, particularly if you have layers to hide beneath.  So, let us all agree to stop sucking all the bumps and lumps in – it’s uncomfortable and impossible to maintain; just throw your shoulders back and stand up tall with as much confidence as you can possibly muster.  By straightening your spine, you can make a positive change in your life and feel more confident in yourself.  Do not underestimate the value of standing up straight.

6. Choosing The Foods That Suit Your Body

Choosing the foods to suit your body is not to be confused with dieting!  When choosing suitable foods, it is important that you opt for foods that will prevent you from feeling bloated or sluggish and will help you feel healthier or lighter.  This is not a case of unhealthy versus healthy; for example, vegetables like legumes and broccoli can cause bloating but are good for you.  If you want your stomach to feel fantastic during a beach day, opt for anti-bloating foods such as potassium-rich fruit or leafy greens. These will all help get rid of cellulite and bloating and encourage a better body in a bikini – if you need extra help then check out this piece from Singapore Dore Aesthetics.

7. Thinking About Your Hair

The term ‘big hair, don’t care’ can apply to this article as curling and increasing the height of your hair will draw attention to the upper half of your body.  This means that you create a balance for your silhouette and provide distractions from parts that you are not proud of.  Ponytails can also be beneficial as they add height to a person’s stature; however, if you have a short crop then you should try wearing a wide-brimmed sun hat to draw a viewer’s eyes upwards.

8. Using A Heel

While wearing a heel can be beneficial, it is only recommended when practical.  It is much safer to experience a confidence wobble than suffering from a leg wobble followed by a broken limb.  If you opt for a high heel, it is advised that you use a small heel or wedge sandal to make the body appear leaner and longer.  Bonus points if you can pair the heels with a flowing kaftan or oversized sunglasses; thereby, making the most of a high-fashion catwalk-ready appearance.

9. Looking At Others

There are thousands of images online showing stunning women in their bikinis, and not many of those dress sizes are in the single digits. By looking at the images you can gain a more positive perspective of yourself and note how amazing you look in dresses of the same size.

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