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8 Legitimate Reasons to Strengthen Your Core


8 Legitimate Reasons to Strengthen Your Core


Legitimate Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

You might not know this but almost every action that your body does, involves your core. Right from sitting in front of your desk to bending yourself to wear your shoes to turning your back to look behind, every action engages your abdominal muscles. Yes, it is the foundation of all body movements.

Building a strong core is a must for all. It gives you all round fitness and offers your body a complete make over. You might think I am exaggerating but I’m not.

Having a strong abdomen and back muscles not only helps you to carry out your routine exercise but also helps you to perform your daily activities better. Hence, it is time that you break away from your monotonous exercise routine and shift your attention to working out your abdominal muscles.

Read on to know why you should strengthen your core.

To live a long healthy life

Researchers conducted a study of more than 8000 people over 13 years. They found out that people with the weakest abdominal muscles were twice as likely to die early than those with tougher midsection muscles.

Since your body uses your core to perform almost every single task, it tends to become weaker eventually if you do not strengthen it. A stronger core ensures longevity and a healthy life.

To increase overall strength

Canadian researchers in their study found that men were able to perform bench-press 40 percent more on a stable surface than on an unstable surface which supported their spines better.[1]

Working out and body building can be really painful if you don’t have a strong back.  A solid abdomen supports your spine which in turn helps you lift more weight with proper stability.

To stay injury free

Research also reveals that men with strong abdominal muscles are five times less likely to suffer a lower-body injury. The muscles share your body weight and minimizes extra weight on your joints. It prevents you from injury by adding stability to the pelvis, knee, shoulder and ankle.

To look smarter

A tough core improves your posture. Your body, otherwise habituated to slouching, is pulled straight and gives you a shapelier and taller appearance. It supports your spine better allowing you to breathe properly.

To become smarter

Your spinal cord is the most vital part of your body structure. It supports your whole body. Having a stable spine allows your brain to receive signals efficiently which in turn improves your mental ability. It relieves you from back pain as well.

To strengthen heart

A flat stomach makes you 50% less likely to develop heart disease and also decreases your chances of having a heart attack. Strong core muscles help your body regulate blood pressure level and in turn maintains a healthy heart.

To enhance your masculinity

Having a firm core gives us overall energy and strength. It improves blood circulation throughout the body and helps the muscle growth and toning. Proper exercise improves testosterone levels in men and makes you less prone to erectile dysfunction.

To age gracefully

Core strength training reduces your chances of developing osteoarthritis. Over-exercising can lead to injuries and cause joint pain which might lead to arthritis. Core strengthening balances your body and provides the needed strength to your muscle joints.

I believe, we have given you enough reasons to do that. Want to know how to strengthen your core? Read our 20 Amazing Back Exercises to Build a Strong Core.


[1] Albert WJ, Bonneau J, Stevenson JM, Gledhill N. Back fitness and back health assessment considerations for the Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal. Can J Appl Physiol. 2001 Jun;26(3):291-317. Review. PubMed PMID: 11441232.
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