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7 Reasons Why CBD Products Can Help You Recover After a Workout


7 Reasons Why CBD Products Can Help You Recover After a Workout


Is CBD the workout buddy you’ve been overlooking? While CBD products are often thought of as “leisure” or “relaxation” aids, many athletes are turning to this natural option to improve post-workout recovery. Here’s a look at seven ways CBD products can help you recover after workouts.


1. Helps Muscles Loosen Up

Are you plagued by stiffness that makes your body feel like it’s made of concrete? CBD may help to relieve tension and tightness that can cause your muscles to freeze up after intense workouts. In addition to helping you feel better, this benefit may also help you avoid the day-to-day injuries that can easily occur when muscles are tight.

2. Alleviates Muscle Soreness

CBD is widely used as a natural aid for pain management by people with a range of chronic and acute illnesses. It should come as no surprise that CBD can also help to relieve muscle soreness following workouts. A 2021 study that looked at CBD’s potential benefits for sports recovery points to its analgesic properties that stem from an ability to modulate inhibitory pain pathways and reduce neuroinflammatory signaling. If you’ve been considering taking other pain relievers to deal with muscle soreness, it might be a good idea to consider this holistic option first.

3. Reduces Inflammation

“Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid from cannabis sativa that has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects in several inflammatory conditions including arthritis,” according to a paper published in 2020. Several studies actually demonstrate CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. However, you don’t need to have arthritis to enjoy these benefits. CBD products can simply help to keep inflammation at bay before, during, and after workouts to keep you “giving your all” without pain.

4. Aids in Injury Recovery

CBD’s role in injury recovery is one of the biggest topics to come out of the world of sports and fitness in recent years. Even Sports Illustrated has covered CBD’s usefulness for sprains, strains, rotator cuff injuries, runner’s knee, and other common sports injuries. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help to bring down pain and inflammation for faster recovery.

5. Allows You to Sleep Better

Anyone who is serious about health knows that what happens on your pillow is as important as what happens on the gym mat. Consistent deep sleep is the secret to recovery and performance because it provides nourishing and restorative rest for your brain, muscles, and soft tissue. There have been many studies on the benefits of CBD for sleep in recent years. In fact, research has found CBD to be beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of insomnia. A large case study from 2019 found that CBD improved the sleep scores of people suffering from anxiety-related sleep issues.

6. Stimulates Mobility

Did you know that researchers are actually investigating how CBD helps to restore mobility in people with multiple sclerosis (MS)? Early evidence shows that CBD supplementation can help to reduce fatigue, pain, and spasticity while also boosting mobility. This research can be valuable for anyone looking to improve mobility.

7. Lowers Stress Level

What if being consistent with workouts is difficult due to stress? In addition to helping you get into a mindset to work out, CBD’s calming effect may help you avoid the negative health consequences of being in a state of chronic stress. Controlled clinical trials involving hundreds of patients show that CBD is effective in significantly reducing the stress response.

CBD can be a great tool for getting your body in recovery mode. Many people become fatigued or injured because they try to “push through” instead of giving their bodies what they need to recover. CBD takes the weight off by helping your body ease into recovery mode naturally.

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