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6 Ways To Effectively Relieve Stress While Traveling

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6 Ways To Effectively Relieve Stress While Traveling


While the prospect of traveling can entice even the most adventurous of us, it doesn’t come without its fair share of headaches. Overlooked factors such as packing, increased airport security, and long transportation travel times can immediately take their toll.

Chronic stress can not only ruin your vacation but can negatively affect your mental health if left unchecked. Mental health conditions caused by stress include anxiety, depression, and personality disorders.

Whether you’re preparing for a luxurious trip or traveling for business, incorporate these stress-relief tips for a far more enjoyable experience.

1. Make it a Point to Relax The Night Before

The night before traveling, your energy and attitude will set the tone of the start of your vacation. Pacing around, anxiously anticipating your travel, is going to do nothing but overwhelm you unnecessarily. If you use that time as an opportunity to relax, and relish in the comfort of your home, before your departure, you will start your vacation feeling refreshed and excited.

Everyone refreshes their mindset differently: one method to reduce stress and raise endorphins could be to engage in aerobic activity, like a scenic walk around the block or a gentle jog. Another method many partake in to relax is to use natural remedies to clear their mind and ease their nerves.

A reliable and natural stress reliever is CBD. There are many different strains of CBD that help with stress and relaxation specifically, but the “Royal Highness” by Royal Queen Seeds stands out with its ability to relieve anxiety. Just ensure you order your products from trustworthy suppliers, like Zamnesia, to ensure you can have confidence in your order.

2. Plan for the Journey Ahead

Booking inexpensive flights (for the sake of being cheap) can often be an impulsive decision. Before booking anything, do your due diligence of fulfilling other immediate commitments first. Perhaps you have a critical hospital appointment during your trip or work deadlines right after.

To reduce anxiety, consider your personal schedule and give yourself sufficient downtime upon returning. For many, it’s highly inconvenient to get home on a Sunday only to start work the following morning.

Before your flight’s departure, you’ll also want to check for any airline delays announced prior. Visiting their website beforehand can save hours sitting around in the airport’s waiting area. Other checkboxes in your plan that need to be ticked off are booked hotel reservations and a travel budget.

3. Deep Breathing

There are various things you can do to relax instantly. One popular and effective technique is deep breathing, which can improve blood flow and help relieve anxiety. Deep breathing also helps provide a good night’s sleep, making it particularly beneficial for people with insomnia. Follow these deep-breathing steps to help relieve travel stress:

  1. Sit down or lie flat on your back – whatever makes you most comfortable.
  2. Put one hand on your stomach and the other against your chest as you breathe in. Your chest shouldn’t move at this point.
  3. Breathe in as much air as you can through your nose, and breathe out through your lips. You should fully exhale all air from your stomach.
  4. During the process, concentrate on how you are feeling. You’ll quickly find your body beginning to relax.
  5. Do this breathing exercise 3-10 times, or until your body reaches its relaxation state.

4. Pack Properly

Many tend to leave everything to the last minute, whether it’d be work, college assignments, or packing your bags. While procrastinating lets you focus on more leisurely activities, over the long haul it will probably add further stress in your life.

Instead of Netflixing or scrolling through your social media accounts, save yourself future headaches by packing well in advance. This allows you to pack unhurried, providing adequate time to remember things you may have otherwise forgotten packing the night before.

5. Remind Yourself That Everything Will be Fine

Travel lines and delays are all part of traveling and should even be expected. Instead of becoming apprehensive from these common mishaps, acknowledge they’re a regular occurrence. A negative mindset can let bad thoughts manifest throughout the trip, quickly leading to fear and worry. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize these emotions and provide self-encouragement to see the best of the situation. Stop worrying about the things you can’t control.

Handle your pre-flight stressors by asking yourself these three questions:

  • What can I expect if the worst were to happen?
  • What’s the best that could happen?
  • What is most likely going to happen?

Breaking things down can help relax your mind and even allow more laborious trips to become far less of a hassle.

6. Familiarize Yourself with Your Credit-Card Coverage

Credit cards typically offer travel protection in the event things go wrong. Understanding what coverage you’re eligible too helps ease your mind while potentially saving you a fortune. Below is a coverage checklist your credit card company may provide:

  • Insurance for an interruption or delay during your trip
  • Emergency medical insurance covering treatment bills and medical transport
  • Illness or sickness coverage
  • Accident Insurance – emergency treatment, hospital stay-in duration, and medical exams for accidental injury
  • Medical assistance or referral services
  • Luggage insurance – reimbursement for stolen, damaged or lost baggage
  • Burglary insurance – coverage for stolen personal items from your hotel room
  • Life insurance – where the insurer pays a specific sum to the policyholder’s family if he or she were to die
  • Rental car Insurance – coverage for damages caused to your rental car

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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