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20 Must-Read Travel Blogs for 2014


20 Must-Read Travel Blogs for 2014


navigation compass for travel

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”

Anais Nin

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.”

Mark Twain

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

Bill Bryson

“The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.”

Shirley MacLaine

A Little Adrift – Shannon O’Donnell

Shanon O'Donell' s Picture

Meet Shanon, a travel blogger who started her blog “A little Adrift” in 2008 to share her journey as a traveller around the world. The beauty of her blog lies in the fact that it is completely ad free thus keeping it pleasing to the viewers eyes.

Shanon’s blog’s main objective lies in empowering and motivating all of us who are interested in travelling around but do not know how to get around. Keeping in mind the same objective, Shanon recently also launched A Little Adrift’s sister site, Grassroots Volunteering, another blog dedicated in helping travellers to connect with local causes and communities.

Read more about Shanon’s blog here.

Camels and Chocolate – Kristin Luna

Kristin Luna Camels and chocolate blog

While on my quest for travel blogs, Kristen’s blog caught my attention. My first thought was “Camels and Chocolate? Why?” As I read more about her, all her blog had to say was, Kristen loved camels and chocolates. And she loved them a lot, hence the name.

Her blog’s innovative style especially the presentation of a Globe which keeps her followers updated about her last adventure as well as the next adventure she is set to go to, is classic.

Kristin is by profession a travel writer and for more than a decade she has been working as a journalist for national, international, and regional newspapers and magazines.

She is well aware of her followers tastes and does not restrict her blog only to travel tips and ideas. Her blog represents more than that and you should definitely check it out yourself to know moreabout it.

See where Kristin plans to fly off to next by visiting her blog here.

Just one way ticket- Sabrina

Sabrina's blog just 1way ticket

Sabrina or as she prefers to be called, Sab, other than a travel blogger is also a photographer. She disagrees to being a good photographer but says that she is a pro in Photoshop which makes her photos look very professional.

Sab loves sleeping because as she feels that her life has a tendency to fall apart when she is awake. Being the modest soul that she is, Sabrina confesses in her blog that she does not like to write about herself and her greatest wonder is why does every travel blogger say that they love to travel?

Sabrina quit her job and everything else that tied her down in 2010 and started travelling and living the life she always wanted to. She also has a Youtube channel which you can check here.

For more to read on her blog visit here.

Travels of Adam- Adam

Travels of Adam

Adam, here likes to call himself a hipster travel blogger and his explanation for saying so is that a hipster is someone who can fit into any subculture-and it does not matter which subculture that may be.

Other than being a travel blogger, Adam also pursues graphic designing.

Adam decided to be a globetrotter in 2010, after a weekend trip to Reykjavik in Iceland in 2009. Adam has shared his experience on how Iceland changed his life in his blog post the inspiration behind my travels.

Adam is grateful to have had the opportunity of travelling and studying abroad throughout his life. He disagrees to the fact of having to end the lovely career and life that he is a part of at the moment for a 9 to 5 regular job.

Join Adam as he updates his blog about his travels in here.

Migrationology- Mark Wiens

Mark Weins Migrationology

You must have surely heard of Mark Weins as well as seen him on television specially for his love for the local cuisine of a place. There is nothing more that Mark loves while travelling than eating and tasting the delicious local food and afterwards sharing it with his followers or anyone who is interested.

That is what is all about- People who love to eat and travel.

Mark’s blog also aims in inspiring a newbie traveller to get out of his/her comfort zone, set goals, and pursue what he/ she is most passionate about.

Ignite your taste buds as you travel alongwith Mark on his adventures in his blog here.

The Planet D- Dave and Deb

dave-deb-Planet D

As I explored PlanetD, I discovered the true love that this couple travel bloggers,Dave and Deb from Toronto, Canada, had for each other as well as adventure through travel.

Dave and Deb have been married 16 years and their love for being together and finding something that they could work on together is what gave birth to PlanetD.

The couple, through this blog, want to convey the message that one does not have to be extraordinary in order to lead an extraordinary life. Anyone can live the life they want.

The motto of their blog establishes their beliefs which says “Adventure is For Everyone” 

Share Dave and Deb’s love for travel and everything else in their blog here.

Wild Junket – Nellie Huang and Alberto Molero

Wild junket Nellie Huang and Alberto Molero

Yet, another couple, Nellie and Alberto, again focus on adventure travel in their blog WildJunket. The couple are passionate about independent travel, outdoor adventures, languages and food that a place has to offer.

They have been travelling together around the world since 2003 and WildJunket came into existence in 2008 in an initial attempt to share their travel stories with family and friends. Ever since their blog views have grown and there is no looking back.

Amongst their various ventures, is the launch of WildJunket Magazine, a digital flipbook magazine that shares travel experiences and inspires readers on a deeper level.

Become a part of Nellie and Alberto’s adventures here.

Everything Everywhere- Gary Arndt


Gary Arndt as a youngster never imagined that he would be a world traveller one day. Gary grew up in Wisconsin and never saw salt water until he was 21 years old.

When Gary decided that he wanted to travel it took him 2 years to settle everything that tied him down and finally on March 13, 2007 he sold off his home and embarked on his first journey.

He has now been travelling for 7 years and photopblogging about almost every place he visits.

Everything Everywhere was named as one of the Top 25 Blogs in the World in 2010 by Time Magazine. The blog also offers visitors a free ebook of Gary’s 100 favorite travel photos which you can check here.

Travelling Canucks- Cameron & Nicole Wears

Cam-Nicole-Wears-travelling- Canucks

Unlike other travellers, Nicole and Cameron, bloggers of the Travelling Canucks, believe in the possiblity of travelling the globe while also building a career and family. However, this was not until 2010 when they decided to take up life’s greatest challenge- raising a family together.

The bloggers are now a family of four and whenever they travel their sons accompany them. The couple’s blog inspires travellers to follow their hearts irrespective of their style of travelling.

According to the couple travel is always personal, and it differs from person to person. There are always different types of travellers. You could be a gallivant, a simple globetrotter, or a cosmopolitan. If you connect with this couple, go ahead and explore their blog.

Follow this couple for their tips on travelling as a couple, as a family or otherwise here.

Ordinary Traveller- Christy and Scott

Christy and scott ordinary traveller

Christy and Scott are the couple who can never be backed down from travelling. Ordinary Traveller was created in 2009 when the couple realized that life is too short to live for what one did not love.

Today Christy is a full- time photographer and professional blogger and Scott works for a small software company,however, that does not stop him from living his dream.

This blog was made with a purpose to ignite the desire that many people have suppressed and inspire them to live their life as they want.

Are you ready for the next joyride with Chris and Scott? Experience more on their blog here.

The Expert Vagabond- Matthew Karsten

Matthew Karsten expert vagabond

Unlike the name of his blog Matthew confesses that he still has a lot to learn before he could actually be an expert in travel.

Matthew’s main objective of creating the Expert Vagabond was to inspire people with entertaining stories & captivating photography from around the world and to share useful travel tips which he learned after 3 years of exploring the planet.

Matthew embarked on his journey in 2010 after he quit my job, left his girlfriend, sold everything that he owned, and then bought a plane ticket to Guatemala. 4 years ago, Matthew had thought that he would be travelling only for a year and yet his journey still continues.

Accompany matt on his wonderful journey as a vagabond shaping himself to perfection in his blog here.

The Blonde Abroad- Kiersten Rich

Kiersten Rich the blonde Abroad

What more could a girl ask for when she has got a luxury apartment, two walk in closets, a high- end gym membership, endless beauty services, and to top it all an amazing career.

But not Kiersten! She had it all and was grown to believe that to be happy one needed a good job, a good married life, and kids and she gave it all away because she was unhappy being that way.

Today Kiersten has moved her things back into her parents home and began traveling with a backpack and a shoestring budget; typically traveling on less than $50 a day. I now live on less than $2000 a month, even back home in California.

Watch Kiersten living out her life on her own terms and leading a happier life today in her blog here.

Ashley Abroad- Ashley

Ashley Abroad- Ashley

Talk about a spontaneous and adventure loving traveller then Ashley is your pick. She loves travelling, baguette, is a bookworm and freelance writer. She believes in living a life worth writing about.

Ashley called it quits three weeks after graduation, at the age of 21 and moved on to Paris where she workd as an au pair and she loved every part of being a Paris expat.

Ashley is obsessed street photography and while she is on her adventure she works as a columnist, blogger and freelance writer. She aspires to write a book someday. Ashley declares that despite her suburban upbringing she is a complete city- girl.

For more inspiration from a young heart to all other young hearts out there follow Ashley on her blog here.

Be My Travel muse – Kristin Addis

kristin addis be my travel muse

Kristin Addis claims travel to be her muse.

Kristin was never happy with the direction in which her life was headed and one fine day on September 27, 2012 she sold all her belongings and embarked on her journey alone with only a back pack.

Ever since, Kirsten has always made an effort to look out for destinations which are off path still travelling alone and maintaining a nomadic lifestyle.

In Kirsten’s words as written on her blog she states,

“If there is a unique travel experience to be had, I will find it, live it, and write about it. ” 

Follow Kristin on her unique journey as she travels solo, here.

Pause the Moment- Ryan Gargiulo

Pause the Moment- Ryan Gargiulo

Ryan claims that he loves nothing more than travelling in this world and more so to share his experiences and to inspire his readers to break out of their comfort zones.

Ryan is a strong believer in the fact that life should be lived to the fullest everyday and that is what he does everyday in the present time.

Ryan proudly declares that if he were to ever remember his past it would be full of good memories and he would be able to proudly say that he has lived, seen, done, and experienced almost everything he ever wished for.

If you are someone who is not sure of where life is taking you, then definitely read Ryan’s blog here.

Matt Gibson- Matt

Matt Gibson blog

Matt Gibson! Yes that’s his name and that is the name of his blog as well.

Let me tell you How Matt gibson came into being, and yes I am talking about the blog. Matt had originally created his blog for promoting his writings and photographs to magazines and website editors which he still does. However, today it is much more than just a portfolio.

Matt’s goal as an adventure travel writer and photographer is to use his blog to turn it into a useful resource lovers of travel and outdoors adventures.

There is more to Matt and his blog that lies to be explored. For all of you who are curious to know more visit his blog here.

Stop Having a boring Life- Rob Lloyd

Stop Having a boring Life- Rob Lloyd

As many other bloggers Rob Lloyd too liquidated his belongings before he set off for his own adventure around the globe.

“Stop having a boring life” is an attempt on Rob’s behalf to help beginners with their travel woes. This is so because prior to leaving he tried looking for blogs which could guide him on the dos and do nots of travelling but found nothing.

Since then Rob has documented everything about all the trips he made in real time to give his readers a feel of how it was like.

Visit Rob’s blog here to accompany him on his everyday journey here

Over Yonder Lust- Shaun and Erica

Over Yonder Lust- Shaun and Erica

Erica and Shaun-  a couple I have fallen out of words to describe about. No matter how much words i put in for them i will always lose out on something or the other.

Their blog speaks tonnes about all the adventures they have been through together alongwith their love for colors and art.

Erica is the fun loving, adventurous, go-getter personality while Shaun complements her with his spontaneity.
The couple have travelled together non- stop for 2 years from Mexico to Argentina, and Iceland to Italy and at present they are back in Austin designing their life the way it should have been in the beginning.

For the couple this is not the end of travel, but new beginning.

Join this fun loving couple and spontaneous couple with their new adventures in their blog here.

Landlopers- Matt Long

matt long landlopersAs the name of the blog suggests, Matt claims that he is a Landloper at heart, someone who is an adventurer or a wanderer.

Matt describes himself as a normal person who lives a normal life as anyone else and introduced his blog Landlopers with the unique perspective of reflecting all of the things that he has seen or learned along the way.

Landlopers is the place to find information on various travel topics. and it is his attempt to make travel more fun and accessible for everyone out there. His website also features an e-book of his 50 Favorite Travel Photos which can easily be downloaded from the blog.

Check out the difference Matt can create for your travels by following his blog here.

Journey Navigator- Gideon Nielson

Journey Navigator- Gideon Nielson

I personally came across Gideon Nielson via Twitter. As I researched into his profile I discovered that there was more to him than just being a traveller or a travel blogger.

Gideon who is just 27 years old is also a certified LifeSuccess Consultant and sees his life experience as his education.

Gideon has been on his journey since February 15th, 2010, living out of his green backpack making sure to pack in only what he requires. Gideon’s journey has taken him to places like Norway, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, the United States and Mexico.

He has also written a book called “Your Unique Journey” which reflects his vision of bringing humankind together by understanding our uniqueness as an individual and also by understanding the journey of life that we are on so that we can inspire one another.

Learn more about and from Gideon in his blog here.

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