My Snoring Wakes Up My Partner. Any Suggestions For Me???


Q.  My snoring wakes up my partner. Any suggestions for me?

A.  What makes the snoring noise is air struggling to get through the throat when the uvula (the little hanging ‘bell’ of tissue) blocks it and the skin vibrates. (Vibrating mucus can also cause it, but that’s not usually the reason for long-term snoring.) So one of the keys to stop snoring is to unblock the throat and reduce that vibration [1]. One supplement that claims to reduce the noise level of snoring is Snor Away. It is a highly researched blend of olive, sunflower, almond, sesame and peppermint oils with vitamins. It comes in a spray that ‘coats the back of the mouth and throat, effectively unblocking the uvula. Just two squirts will last six to eight hours because of the special time-release formula. Another similar product is Neversnore. They are both worth a try.


[1] B Kotecha, MPhil FRCS and J M Shneerson, DM FRCP1. Treatment options for snoring and sleep apnoea. PMC539538.

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