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How To Stop Teeth Grinding While Sleeping???

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How To Stop Teeth Grinding While Sleeping???



Q.  How to stop grinding teeth while sleeping?

A  You’re stressed. The first thing to do, before even considering supplements, is to reduce the sources of stress in your life. If that’s difficult – say you are finding it hard to cope with consistent stress at job, enjoyable hobbies can help you lose stress [1]. Alternatives say, you can learn to manage your stress though regular exercises. Yoga, massage, relaxing baths, meditation and relaxation techniques can help you manage everyday stress [2]. Having said all that, supplements can help you stop grinding  teeth while sleeping. The nutrient most helpful for teeth grinding is vitamin B5. In addition to your multi or (100 mg) 13-complex supplement, take 100 mg of B5 twice daily. B vitamins are generally good for your nervous system [3]. B vitamins and vitamin C (1 to 2 g  twice daily) helps you with more tolerance towards stress [4]. Siberian ginseng (200 to 400 mg daily) is another supplement which solves the same purpose [5]. Finally, teeth grinding can often result from tension in the jaw, and this can be reduced by supplementing 200 to 400 mg of magnesium.


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