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6 Big Reasons Why Pilates Is For Everyone


6 Big Reasons Why Pilates Is For Everyone


Anyone who is looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle knows that exercise is an important part of the journey. However, joining a gym or starting a running habit when you have no experience with working out can seem daunting.

Pilates is a low-impact, fun and effective type of exercise that’s perfect for anyone regardless of your fitness levels. You could try out some classes or even do it alone in your bedroom – AeroPilates Home Studio reformer exercise machines are perfect for pilates at home if you want to use more than just your yoga mat.

Here are some reasons to start your pilates journey today:-

1. Full-Body Workout

Pilates is a type of exercise that works your whole body, including your heart muscles! Without being too straining, a pilates workout can get your blood flowing and your muscles moving, focusing predominantly on building a strong core and lean muscles.

2. Flexibility

The nature of the movements – lots of stretching and balancing – will help build a flexible and limber body. It’s not quite like yoga where you’re required to turn yourself into a pretzel, but you’ll be working on increasing your range of motion throughout your entire body.

3. Improved Posture

Largely due to the focus placed on core strength, pilates can aid in improving your posture and even help with back and shoulder pain for this same reason.

A strong core will help you keep upright without any strain on your other muscles (like the ones in your back) and will therefore give you a strong and upright presence. When all your muscles and joints are aligned, and you become more aware of your body, your postural muscles will naturally strengthen.

4. Improved Energy

Any form of exercise is bound to increase your daily energy levels, improve your sleep, and leave you feeling overall more energised.

Pilates offers all this, and due to its low-impact nature and focus on breath, you likely won’t feel fatigued and breathless after your workouts either, making them perfect for an energising start to your morning.

5. Lower Stress

This is a type of exercise that focuses you to focus inward. It’s not mindless like some other activities might be and relies heavily on your presence and mindfulness during your practice. Much like yoga, this can be super relaxing and lead to decreased stress levels over a period of time.

6. Better Mood

Exercise is a mood-boosting activity, and just because pilates isn’t a fast-paced workout, doesn’t exempt it from falling into this category too.

Alongside the decreased stress, the endorphins you get from pilates can make you feel decreased anxiety and depression and generally boost your mood, motivation and outlook in your daily life.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re doing reformer pilates at home, taking classes, or simply following along some Youtube videos to get started, kickstarting this journey is one decision you certainly won’t regret. The amazing benefits you’ll feel from your workouts paired up with healthy eating and good sleep will improve your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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