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Top 10: Effective Home Workouts For Best Physique


Top 10: Effective Home Workouts For Best Physique


Global Phenomenon

The fitness industry best exemplifies the power of a global trend. In the United States alone, gym memberships have consistently surpassed the $50 million mark ever since 2014. These members are responsible for the total annual revenue of more than21 billion U.S. dollars. It is by far the most lucrative industry in the world, followed by Europe, and with Asia-Pacific tailing behind.

Although these numbers indicate a general desire for healthier lifestyles, it does not provide an accurate picture. Thorough investigations have shown that 67% of the total gym memberships have gone to waste without any actual utilization. This is a common drawback of any global trend.

Most people are ready to jump on board and participate in the campaign, but when it is time for action, they are found to be severely lacking. Many factors can explain the lack of utilization, with most people having to deal with a hectic work schedule. Many others might find their ignorance about gym equipment a barrier to visiting the gym.

A larger group of people might relate to the lack of self-confidence to exercise in a public environment. To overcome all of these factors, there is a simple yet equally effective solution: working out at home!

Effective Home Workouts

Using the comfort and privacy of one’s house to work towards attaining the desired physique is quite a tempting idea. It offers similar benefits to working out at the gym while eliminating factors such as public embarrassment, queueing up for a piece of equipment or even the time and appointment limitations. Moreover, individuals do not have to travel physically to a centralized location just to get their daily work out in. Nonetheless, creating and following a comprehensive work out the schedule at home requires some personal research and knowledge. Here is a look at 10 of the best home exercises, guaranteed to help individuals achieve a toned physique fro the comfort of their homes.

1. Push-Ups


Push-ups are one of the simplest forms of exercises that one can engage in. There is no required equipment, and neither is there a need to be dressed in proper fitness gear. This exercise helps to train the pectoral muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids, and the abdominal region, meaning it provides a total upper body workout while also training some middle section muscles. For added resistance and intensity, there are available variations of push-ups that can make the work out more challenging. Popular variations include one-armed push-ups, knuckle push-ups, or diamond push-ups.

2. Pull-Ups


A pull-up exercise might require the installation of a pull-up bar. Other alternatives can be easily devised as long as it can support the weight of the user. This type of strength exercise primarily helps to train the latissimus dorsi, with other benefits to the shoulders, biceps, and abdominal muscles. While the standard pull-up might be too mundane for seasoned trainers, other variations can be easily implemented as well. These include weighted pull-ups, one-armed pull-ups, or mixed grip pull-ups.

3. Plank


The most common form of plank exercises is the front plank. Users adopt a position similar to push-ups, with the full body weight, levied on the toes, elbows, and forearms. It is most practiced in Yoga and Pilates exercises as it only relies on body strength and can be easily carried out. This exercise mainly helps to train the lower back and abdominal muscles, with minor effects on the deltoid muscles, pectorals, gluteus maximus, and quadriceps.

4. Sit-Ups


Sit-ups are the most effective exercise that helps to train the abdominal muscles without the use of any equipment. While variations of sit-ups include supported or unsupported sit-ups, and slow or fast speed, the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation have established that a supported and fast variation produces the best results. Although it is similar to crunches, sit-ups have a fuller range of motion and helps to strengthen more muscle groups.

5. Oblique Crunches

oblique crunches

In the past, a toned body was defined by the presence of impressive six pack abs. Nowadays, fitness trends focus on the oblique region as evidenced by the endless stream of male models showcasing the results of their hard work. Oblique crunches are formulated specifically to achieve effectively this physique. While there are no other ways to increase the resistance in oblique crunches, fitness experts recommend focusing on perfect form and posture as well as slow execution to fully reap this exercise’s benefits.

6. Bridge


The variations of bridge activities have been used all over the world, with its influence extending to the martial arts industry as well. Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu and Capoeira are some of the examples where bridge exercises have been applied. When done from a standing position, it is called a back bend. Bridge exercises help to enhance lower back foundation and improve body balance at the same time.

7. Flutter Kicks


Flutter kicks is a strength exercise that contributes to training the glutes and hamstrings. It is carried out in a lying-down position and resistance can be added through the use of ankle weights. Additionally, the intensity of each set can be increased by not allowing the feet to rest on the ground, keeping it hovering slightly above ground between each rep.

8. Air Bike

air bike exercise

This exercise is aptly named as it imitates the action of riding a bicycle, albeit in a lying position. While the air bike exercise primarily increases the endurance level of the abdominal muscles, it also helps to strengthen various leg muscles when the number of repetitions increases. Similar to flutter kick exercises, resistance can be added through the use of ankle weights.

9. Burpees


Burpees were initially introduced in the 1940s as a test for men enlisting in the military. This form of exercise helps to strengthen, train and tone muscles while building up endurance levels at the same time. Its comprehensive benefits are sufficient to do away with any variation, and neither is there a need for added resistance. When competently paired with the best diet plan, the effects of burpees exercises are immediately maximized, paving the way for attaining a toned body shape.

10. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers mainly train the quadriceps, but they also provide additional benefits to the chest, hamstrings and shoulders. This exercise replicates the movement of mountain climbing to help provide similar advantages. Nonetheless, the distinct difference between the actual activity is the fact that mountain climbers are carried out on a horizontal surface.

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Stop Procrastinating, Get Started

With that list of at home workouts that provide a complete body workout, it is time to stop procrastinating and get started. Keep in mind that with all the comfort and convenience of exercising at home; there is no professional supervision. For this reason, it is ideal to test individual fitness and strength levels first as to avoid overexertion. Last but not least, to achieve a fully toned body, a mix of workouts is essential to ensure that all parts of the body are strengthened, trained and toned.

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