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3 Tips To Stay Fit During Quarantine


3 Tips To Stay Fit During Quarantine


2020 has been the most challenging year in living memory, and the year is not over yet. Lockdowns have taken a severe toll on the people’s general well-being.

While necessary, lockdown measures are a strain on the psychological and physical well-being of people stuck at home for months on.

Exercise has become more critical than ever, and sadly “gyms” are not exempt from lockdown.

You may argue that it is completely possible to workout at home. With some essential equipment, some rubber gym flooring and a whole lot of positivity, you can turn an unused space in your home, like a guest bedroom, into an ad-hoc home gym.

But the downside is in not having access to a personal trainer. This is not a train smash as there are numerous resources to draw information, including great free online tutorials.

Some gyms are even offering video conferencing exercise routines. Regardless of how you undertake your mission of personal fitness, there are some essential tips you should consider:

1. Don’t Overdo It

It may seem strange, to have the first tip be a directive not to do too much exercise. The problem is that lockdown leaves all of us bored. Exercise can be physiologically and psychologically addictive. Although it is most definitely necessary at the same time.

Therefore, it is suggested to work out a schedule of set hours during which you may work out, assigning the different forms of exercise that comprise your regiment. This tactic has a two-pronged effect.

  • First, you will not overexert yourself if you stick to it.
  • Second, it acts as a motivation to keep your routine. If you miss your assigned hours, you missed your chance for the day.

2. Take Up Yoga

Yoga has proven benefits for both mind and body. However, yoga has an inherent limit too. You cannot do stretches and poses if your body is overexerted, ruling out unnecessary strain.

Depending on your goals, yoga alone may not be enough; hence we recommend it as an addition to your routine. This doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve incredible levels of fitness by this practice alone. Once you become truly familiar with the mechanisms of yoga, you will understand why it is a practice unto itself.

Another point in favour of yoga is just how accessible it is. You do not need any cumbersome, expensive equipment.

Just a yoga mat.

But don’t skip this. You do need a proper yoga mat to avoid injury. Aside from the minimal need for equipment, yoga literature is widely free and available in the form of advanced quality guides and tutorials.

3. Watch Your Diet

It is easy to not watch your diet when Food remains one of the only pleasures during lockdown. So keep up with a balanced diet. If you’re not sure, we recommend reading – how to keep up with nutrition.

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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