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5 Simple Tips To Relieve Back Pain At Night

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5 Simple Tips To Relieve Back Pain At Night


Almost everyone will have to contend with back pain at some time in their lives. Some have debilitating back pain, some are merely made uncomfortable.

While substantial issues or congenital issues may be beyond conventional help, there are options to help you reduce or eliminate pain; one of them involves sleep patterns.

Here are 5 ways to relieve back pain at night, and by extension, in the day.

  1. Sleep With Pillows Between Knees Or Under Your Stomach

Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

If you’re usually a side sleeper, putting a pillow between your knees will take the stress off your pelvis, and by extension keep your spine from painful rotation.

Often you’ll get back pain owing to the way gravity pulls your legs, and the way your legs impact your pelvis. It’s not a strong force pushing on your pelvis or pulling you down. However, over long periods of time, it adds up.

  1. Exercise More Studiously And Regularly

You should be exercising six days a week for thirty minutes. You may have to work up to this number. Perhaps start working out thirty minutes a day, three days a week. All you’ve really got to do is push yourself into a good sweat with regularity.

Do this properly and you’ll simultaneously tighten your muscles, energize yourself, and provide better, more restful sleep through fatigue. Just be sure you focus on exercises that are conducive to a healthy back.

  1. Think About Changing Your Mattress

There are plenty of scenarios where the issue you’re dealing with has more to do with your mattress than anything else. Old, worn-out mattresses are weak where they should be strong, they sag, and this impacts your back. Newer mattresses don’t have that particular issue, but some are either too hard or too soft for you.

Make sure you have the best mattress for back pain by exploring which solutions are out there, reading up on them, and getting in touch with people like those at the other end of the hyperlink in this section.

  1. Be Smart About What You Eat

If you eat a whole mess of chili, or some brisket, or some spaghetti, or lasagna, and then you go to bed, you’re going to wake up about three hours later with the hot burps. Well, you might, anyway.

Not everyone suffers from heartburn; many people do. If you’re going to overcome such late-night acid reflux, you’ll want to change your diet. Antacids and heartburn medication can also help, but it tends to foster dependency. A better idea is simply changing your diet.

back pain shoulder injury

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

If you don’t take care to avoid late night heartburn, then you’ll likely end up sitting up in bed with your head tilted forward as you wait out the heartburn. This hurts your neck, and by extension your back.

  1. Free Yourself From Guilt

They say depression makes you sleep, and guilt keeps you up at night. Well, guilty or not, if you’ve got unresolved emotional issues, refraining from their correction will leave you tossing and turning all night as your brain endlessly revolves around the same subject matter.

Figure out what your issues are, resolve them, and go to bed. Also: if you can, avoid going to bed angry. When you’re angry or guilty, and you don’t sleep, you’re apt to toss and turn, then finally fall asleep in a strange position that isn’t good for your back.

Sleeping More Comfortably

Free yourself from guilt, eat more strategically, perhaps consider changing up your mattress, be more consistent with your exercise—and get in 3 to 6 solid workouts a week.

Also, consider sleeping with a pillow between your legs. Measures like these should help you get to sleep faster, more restfully, and with less back pain overall.

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