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How to Make Fitness a Part of Your Day


How to Make Fitness a Part of Your Day


Making fitness a part of your everyday life is hard.

Here’s a secret –

You’re 85% more likely to workout if you schedule time the night before.

What if you could prioritise fitness as much as your health? Shedding a few pounds is good, but improving your overall fitness levels is a game-changer.

Want your body to start obeying your command? Then, here’s what you need to know.

1. Educate yourself

If the reason to do something is felt deeply, the activity becomes effortless. Understanding the science of slow conditioning is where you should start. Our body doesn’t like shock. The more shocks you give it, more resistance it creates towards those shocks. So start slow whenever making any changes to your lifestyle or daily routine.

To get into good physical shape, it isn’t about all workouts. Eating healthy and sleepy well is equally important. It should be as much a part of your routine as washing at your vanity sink in the morning.

Remember you can’t change your lifestyle for your fitness goals, you need an action plan that fits your lifestyle. Fortunately, we wrote a guide to help you begin your fitness journey despite a busy life. Start your education here, read the beginner’s guide to fitness.

2. Keep a calendar & log your fitness activities

Whether you write down your events or you type them into your phone, it is important to keep a schedule for your fitness routine. Making a record that you are committing to fitness by writing it on your calendar will help keep you accountable.

It is recommended by most fitness experts, that you partake in 20 minutes of aerobic activity 2 to 3 times a week. This is a recommendation that is based on a healthy individual and free of serious disease. You should record at what time and on what days you are going to partake in your regular aerobic activity, as well as what time you will do your light exercise every day. You should check your calendar regularly and log your fitness activities on daily.

3. Make fitness fun

You should make fitness a fun activity. Find a buddy to workout with. Friends can keep each accountable and keep sessions fun. You can also mix up your workouts to keep them exciting. Incorporate fun workouts with exercise balls and exercise bands part of your regime.

If you enjoy a run in the park more than the gym, then go to the park. You should get to know what it is that makes you excited to take part in an activity.

Find something that you like and associate it with fitness. For example, if you like bright colors, then dress up in brightly coloured clothing to go do your workout at the gym.

4. Make it fashionable

Speaking of brightly coloured clothing, you can make your gym routine fashionable in order to help you stick to your daily fitness routine. Fashion is something that one takes pride in.

There are various different brands that cater specifically to fitness. Nike and Adidas are examples of brands that sell sports bras, leggings, basketball shorts, weightlifting shoes, and every fashion item you can imagine. Get the gear you like to keep up with your routine.

5. Visualize Your Results

Before you start your workout, imagine yourself doing that exercise with perfect form and shape. Try to visualize the results you’ll get from that workout.

Envision how your arms will look like when they have a little more muscle tone. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll have when you can run for 20 minutes straight. Never take your eye off the prize and persist until you are truly satisfied with your results.

This helps prepare your mind to see fitness as something desirable.


Staying on track of your fitness is hard. But you can keep up if you follow the tips above. When are you starting your fitness journey? Let us know in the comments.

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