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Wish To Have A Flawless Skin? Stop Making These 10 Mistakes


Wish To Have A Flawless Skin? Stop Making These 10 Mistakes


smiling-faceWe all love to have a spotless, beautiful and glowing skin, don’t we? For which, each one of you might be following a particular skin care regime so that things don’t go wrong.

But, then, some of you might still be complaining about that fresh red pimple on your skin or dark spots and patches here and there, in spite of using the best natural skincare products.

The point is, no matter, how accurately you follow your skincare routine, there are things you still do unknowingly, that plays a good role in damaging your skin.

I spoke to a lot of my beauty freak friends, and I came up with a list that I’m going to share with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

flawless skin-don't make mistakes

Touch Your Face Less

Your hands have traveled at least half the world by now. You may have lost count on where it all begins, for instance, your hands on the laptop keyboard, the water bottle next to you, the handbag you carry, the cell phone you rest your face on, the railings you hold when you climb the stairs.

Yes, dirt is everywhere, and by subconsciously touching your face half the day, you are carrying all the germs to your face making it the dirtiest place in the world. So, do it less often unless required.

Pop Your Pimples

pimple poppingThe very sight of a fresh pimple on your face makes it irresistible for your hands not to pop it. By doing that, you’e breaking the skin open allowing dirt and oil to pore in.

Popping it can redden the pimple and leave scars behind which can take longer to heal than the actual pimple. When you ooze out the liquid, it can cause infection and lead to more pimples around the area. So, leave it alone or better, apply a spot treatment with cotton.

Leave Your Make Up On At Night

You take extra effort to decorate yourself and giving extra touches to the skin while going out for an event. Take a little effort in removing your make up mask before your go to bed, so that you wake up with a glowing skin.

sleeping-with-makeupDr. Amy Wechsler, a dermatologist from New York strongly recommends removing make up before going to bed, as leaving it on since morning through the night and until next morning, clogs the skin pores and irritates the skin making it prone to acnes and fine lines. Take a little effort to wash your face before bed.

Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Oiling

This is a common myth that most of us who have oily skin tend to believe blindly. Well, dermatologists and skin experts believe otherwise. Just because you think you skin naturally lets out too much oil, that is no reason to skip the moisturizer.

You need to keep you skin hydrated, and the best way to do this is by applying moisturizer right after you wash your face and pat it dry.

However, refrain from using heavy creams as the extra heavy stuff tends to sit on the face clogging your pores and leading to breakouts. Find an ideal moisturizer according to your skin type.

Using Dirty Make Up Brush

make-up-brushHave you ever wondered the make up brush that you use daily to puff your eyes and color your cheeks could be the storehouse of germs?

Using these brushes everyday without cleaning them accumulates germs, bacteria, oil and dirt rapidly. And surely, you don’t wish to rub that all on your face every morning. So, the best thing you can do is just clean your make up brush at least twice in a week.

Wash Your Hands First

I’m sure you wash your face at least twice a day, in the morning and after you get back from work. But, have you taken care of the fact that every time you pull you hands toward you face to wash the dirt off, you need to wash your hands first?

As I already said, that your hands are as clean as you help them to be, it would be wise to wash the dirt off your hands first before you use the same to wash your face.

Exfoliate Your Skin Enough

exfoliateJust because you need to wipe off all the dirt that accumulates on your skin daily, doesn’t mean you need to exfoliate your face 4 to 5 times a week.

It is important to get rid of dead skin cells to get a smoother and softer skin, but overdoing it can roughen your skin and can cause dryness and redden your skin by destroying the healthy cells and removing the natural oil from your skin.

Skin care experts recommend that you limit your exfoliation to not more than twice a week. There are plenty of good face washes and cleansers available, but try to use as few products as possible. Also, it is important to watch how your skin reacts after exfoliation and try not to use harsh products.

Watch Your Neck

When you’re washing your face, its a common habit that your focus might be limited to your face. However, you need to watch you neck too. It is because of this very habit that most of us complain that our facial skin tone differs from the neck.

Remember the first signs of aging and loose skin do not just appear below your eyes, it reflects on your neck as well. So, get yourself a neck cream, or better apply your moisturizer evenly around the neck so as to avoid an uneven skin tone and sagging skin.

Just Wipe It Off

facial-wipeUsing facial wipes to clean your face on the run can be quite convenient, but don’t limit yourself to that. Do wash your face properly so as to clean your pores thoroughly. Don’t use it as a replacement for your regular face wash.

Also, be gentle to your skin while wiping the dirt off, as some facial wipes contain harsh chemicals that can leave your face totally dry.

Wait Enough To See The Effects

One thing doesn’t work. Quickly change to another. No, wait!

Its one thing to stop using a certain product if it reacts adversely on your skin. It is another to try a new lotion just because the one you’re using isn’t really showing quick visible results. It is in our nature to try something new always, but the same doesn’t apply to your skin.

Wait long enough, as per the information provided on the label, to note the visible effects. Frequently changing your skincare products can throw your skin off balance.

So, now that you are aware of these mistakes that can damage your skin, start making healthy habits for a healthier skin.

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