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How To Gain Weight Fast (The Skinny Guy’s Guide To Gaining Weight)


How To Gain Weight Fast (The Skinny Guy’s Guide To Gaining Weight)


skinny guy's guide to gain weight fast

It is probably the easiest thing to dish out an advice to a skinny guy. Just ask him to commence eating. More and even More. Trust me, for a lean guy it is like moving mountains when it comes to eat. It shouldn’t be shocking to see scrawny guys preparing themselves mentally before starting to eat. In their case, ‘Eating More’.Do not Waste your time, pull your chair and watch out for the Weight-Gain-Guide for all you skin tight guys.

1. Eat as much as you can: This almost says it all. To highlight a bit on the details and specks, double the frequency of your per-day meal intake. Now that you’re increasing the number of times you eat food per day, do not increase your normal diet size. Eating every 3-4 hours should become your eternal habit. You might have to eat even when your gut’s full upto its brim.
Make the calculation easy for yourself. If you consume 1000 calories per day. This way you’ll be getting heavier by 1 kg every week. Its not easy but there’re not many options your body has left you with [1].

2.  Shake hands with nutrition: Because of obvious reason, gulping in calories shouldn’t be worrying you. So make it approx. 3500 calories per day. But that does not imply you eat/drink any source of calories that comes your way. Always remember, your motive is not to get fat, it is to gain weight. Eating healthy calories should be of foremost importance. Eat stuff that fetches you good amount of proteins, fats, carbs and all. Chicken is good with iron. Eat fish, it has this omega-3 in it. Go for milk – calcium rich it is. Egg is a great source for proteins. Keep munching almonds and peanuts. All this is very important for you to get healthy and also gain weight.

3. Don’t be Biased: Eating only protein rich eatables won’t fetch you a single benefit. No matter how hard you exercise. For that matter, even consuming only carbs leaves you only going uselessly fat. Don’t be biased towards your favorite nutrient. Make it balanced. Eating vegetables and fruits is equally important for your health. And motive to gain weight and get healthy.

4. Be your own detective: Go hunt the internet for some weight gain tracking form. Or ask your dietitian to make one for you. Be your own detective and stalk whatever you eat, drink etc. Get it checked by your dietitian or do that on the internet, if you’re consuming the right amount of nutrients. Make charts for yourself. For in the end the results shall be borne by you and no one else.

5. Sleep the change you want to see: Sleeping your brains out is very crucial for you to get desired results. Get over the habit of waking up till the ungodly hours. Or at least you can hold it up for the few months to come. You ought to be slept for almost 8 hours if not 9. The latter sounds a better number. Sleeping for a duration of 6 hours or less would be a disaster to your goal of shedding pounds[2]. So sleep like a baby.

6. Retract the path: Life does not end where you achieve your goals. Set an ideal weight you wish to achieve. Aim around 5-10 kgs above that. Reach there. Now cut out on a few carbs, may be fats as well. Get down to some exercising to lose weight. Do anything in the world to lose the over gained weight. This way unknowingly you would have stepped onto the next stage. The stage where you’d want to build muscles. Girls have already started to approach you. Provoke them to be attracted as well.

So with that, I leave you to decide for the betterment. While you bounce out to the nearest super market to shop those nutrients, do not forget to comment a word or two. OR. you could oblige us by tweeting and sharing 🙂


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  1. Great tips.. But I am not sure I want to gain weight. I will pass it along to my skinny friend.