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Creatine 101: Why Men Need Creatine To Enhance Well-being & Strength


Creatine 101: Why Men Need Creatine To Enhance Well-being & Strength


Want to run faster, lift heavier, and perform better? Then you must have heard about Creatine.

Despite creatine being so popular, many are still quite skeptical of its efficacy.

In this article, we will break the ice around

  • What is Creatine?
  • How does it work?
  • How is it taken?
  • Benefits of Creatine

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a substance in the body made of three amino acids — arginine, methionine and glycine. Not surprisingly, meat is naturally rich[1] in it.

Creatine is also sold as a supplement, and it’s a top seller among sportsmen because it promotes muscle regeneration and recovery after exercise, as well as improving energy during intensive exercise.

How does it work?

Normally, muscle cells derive energy by breaking down adenosine triphosphate or ATP to ADP. When supplies of ATP are exhausted, for example during a sprint, creatine can quickly replace the phosphate needed to ‘reload’ the cell.

Because muscles can work harder with extra creatine, and also increase their water concentration, the extra activity also results in more muscle growth as well as increased muscle size by ingesting creatine[2].

So here’s a caution, if you take creatine, it is vital that one drinks plenty of water, as some people experience high blood pressure if they don’t. Others also get diarrhea.

While there is good evidence that creatine gives you the edge, it is ideally suited for sports where every second counts. You would need 2 to 5g a day, although some recommend ‘loading up’ for 5 days before an event with 20g.

In terms of carb/protein meal replacements, you should just eat more of what you normally do with a focus on white meat and fish, limited red meat, lots of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and whole grains (such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, etc).

How is it taken?

Creatine comes in many different forms. It can come as a pill, powder, energy bars, or pre-made shake. Creatine is a given for men who want to lean their muscle mass and build strength. It can be taken with ease with little to no discomfort.

Benefits of Creatine

Here are some benefits of creatine that may help you decide why you should make creatine a regular part of your exercise program:

  1. Added Strength

Creatine can raise up your strength to the next level. It helps your muscles in building phosphocreatine which helps you perform better with shorter, more intense strength-building exercises. Let’s say your exercise routine at the gym is to lift heavier weights at an explosive rate with a smaller amount of rep counts. This is where creatine can help.

  1. Boost in Testosterone Levels

As men approach their 30s, it is common to see that their levels of testosterone decrease. As a result of this, they may feel a decline in the amount of energy, strength, mental alertness, or endurance. A possible remedy to this is to take either through a patch or intravenously testosterone replacement therapy. However, this can be quite risky to your health. On the latter, another option for you is to take creatine supplements which have been shown to drastically elevate the levels of testosterone in men.

  1. Better Mental Awareness

Creatine has been widely seen by many professionals that claim that it boosts mental acuity. In certain studies, it has been shown that people who take creatine supplements have been able to process information faster and have had improvements in their memory.

  1. Improve Reaction Time

Having a good reaction time can go a long way when playing sports or exercising. In different studies around the world, it has been shown that people who engage in sports such as sprinting or jumping, creatine supplements give the athlete a boost of roughly 10% extra for the first 30 seconds of their performance.

  1. Muscle Growth

A crucial part of wanting your muscles to develop is to increase the levels of protein. Creatine supplementation augments the increase in satellite cell and myonuclei number in human skeletal muscle induced by strength training. The myogenic satellite cells are integral to the regeneration and maintenance of the skeletal muscles.

You can buy creatine ethyl ester and see the results for yourself. A recent study showed that hardcore kayakers were able to endure longer and more powerful paddling sessions. This gave qualification to the benefits of taking creatine supplements to help build muscle and strength.


Most men who wish to enhance their well-being and strength can look at Creatine. This however is not to say that it is strictly just for men, women can also try it for many benefits.


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