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5 Tips To Train With A Free Standing Punching Bag


5 Tips To Train With A Free Standing Punching Bag

  • Are you into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?
  • Want to compete in boxing?
  • Do you enjoy combat sports?

Then what you shouldn’t be missing in your workout equipments is a punching bag. Throwing a few punches on a bag may not seem hard but boxing really engages your entire body including your core, shoulders and hips.

If you are tempted to buy a bag for your home workouts, it might be smarter to invest in a good quality free standing punching bag as it is suitable for smaller spaces.

Here are 5 tips to train with a free standing punching bags:

1. Pay close attention

This is the golden rule when it comes to training with a punching bag. You need to keep your eyes focused towards the bag. A point to note is that you do not need to stare at one single point that you cannot see anything else. What is required is a ‘focused’ look every time you throw a punch or a kick. This ensures that we throw more meaning punches by paying close attention.

2. Ground your feet

To have more power and balance while you’re throwing your punches, it is important to keep your feet grounded. Grounded feet help to increase the mobility of the upper body parts.

3. Maintain your balance

Maintaining body balance is one of the hardest things to do while training with a free standing bag. This is because as you throw a punch or a kick, your body balance may shift. However, one can master this with some practice.

4. Maintain your distance

When you are punching or kicking, you must maintain a steady distance with the bag, that is not too far or too close to you. Once you realize a change in the distance, you must adjust it as you move along-with the training.

5. Monitor your breathing

Breathing is crucial for MMA and other combat workouts. Therefore, you must monitor your breathing very carefully. While training, the body needs a lot of oxygen to be able to produce energy. You need to make sure you are taking enough deep breaths as you throw your punches or kicks. Breathing exercises like these could be a good start.

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