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3 Workout Accessories You Absolutely Need and 3 to Skip Buying


3 Workout Accessories You Absolutely Need and 3 to Skip Buying


Shopping supplies for your home workout can be daunting, especially when there are a lot of things you want to try out, but do not have the luxury of space to fit everything in.

While you can definitely find some benefit for almost every workout accessory being sold in sports stores, you have to weigh your options carefully and prioritize getting those that will be of most help to you, in order to save your resources and space for things that really matter.

In order to guide you on what’s best to buy and what’s best to leave on the racks, check our list of 3 workout accessories you absolutely need and 3 others that you can simply skip on your next shopping session:

Get: A Proper Sports Bra

For women, investing in at least one top-quality, perfectly-fitting sports bra is a must, if you ever want to feel comfortable while doing all sorts of workouts. Regular bras and even ill-fitting sports bras simply do not provide ample support and protection for when you’re doing high-movement level workouts like running on a treadmill or jumping rope.

Before you are able to buy a proper sports bra, you might want to stick with low-intensity workouts in the meantime.

Skip: Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are wonderful pieces of equipment, but they only belong in actual gyms. For your home gym, you need accessories and sports equipment that are versatile, so even if they do take up space, their multiple uses justify the splurge.

That is simply not the case when you invest in a stationary bike. It will take up a lot of space without giving you many options for use aside from actual cycling.

Instead, you might want to consider getting an actual bike (if you don’t own one yet) and then buy a trainer stand. This way, you can use the bike for actually getting around, and then you can get home, put it up on the stand, and cycle some more, stationarily this time.

Get: Quality Headbands/Sweatbands

The benefits of using headbands and sweatbands are usually understated. In fact, not a lot of people know what these wearable sports accessories are for. But basketball players and other athletes don’t just wear these bands for fashion reasons, though they are highly fashionable.

Professional athletes can’t always call for timeouts just so they can grab a face towel and remove the sweat from their faces. They simply rely on their headbands to prevent the sweat from dripping into their eyes.

Now you know these accessories can actually help you optimize your workouts and not get derailed by your constant need to wipe the sweat away.

Skip: Dip Stand

Doing dips is a great addition to any workout, but don’t think that you can’t do it without a proper dip stand. You can use any stable stool or even the edge of your solid couch for this purpose. You just have to make sure your makeshift dip stand is fully rested against the wall so you can avoid any freak accidents. Even public parks would have a solid bar you can use for dips.

Get: Foam Rollers

Having foam rollers at home means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on soft tissue massages anymore. These nifty things afford you the same benefits while staying right at home. They give your tired muscles a boost post-workout, too, therefore shortening the recovery time you need after doing intense home workouts.

Skip: Kettlebells

Don’t get us wrong – kettlebells are actually great; we just don’t think it’s a good idea to use them unsupervised and in a place that is not the gym. Most workouts that require kettlebells actually pose risks of damage not just to your joints, but to the stuff you have around the house. A better option would be handheld weights because they’re much easier to control, and thus do not pose as much danger as kettlebells do.

That’s it for our list of three workout accessories you need and three that you can skip buying for yourself. Now you don’t need to be as overwhelmed when checking out things to fill up your home gym with. Happy working out!l;

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