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3 Easy Ways To Get Started on Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

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3 Easy Ways To Get Started on Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


The New Year is here, and this time it brings not only another year but a new decade of opportunity. There is almost a global sense of optimism brewing for the new decade, as many people believe that 2020 will bring a fresh start and put to bed a tumultuous year.

Millions of people around the world start thinking of their New Year’s Resolutions. Even if you are one of those people who don’t usually make resolutions, the new decade could be a great time to break that tradition.

Why not set some resolutions to improve your mental and physical health for the next decade?

Luckily for us, we have enough resources at our fingertips to be able to make a radical transformation to our lifestyles.

If a better physical fitness is one of your resolutions, you should realize that making resolutions is easy but keeping up to them is difficult. You might fall off the wagon after a few weeks, or even a few months.

In fact, it is easy to never start implementing the resolutions at all. So, we took a look at the easy steps that you can start taking to kickstart those fitness resolutions from the first of January.

Invest In Your Fitness

This is possibly one of the most crucial stages of starting your fitness routine. Not only do you have to plan for it, but you need to actually invest in it. Spending a bit of money on something will ensure that your mind is more invested and dedicated to actually making it work. If you realize that you are wasting your hard-earned cash by not following through with working out, you will most likely guilt yourself into exercising.

So, what can you invest in?

One of the first things to look at is a natural supplement to add to your day-to-day routine. These can be vital in making sure that you have the right amount of energy (which is important if you are starting out), helping you burn fat quicker and assisting in building and toning muscle.

There are a plethora of supplements for you to look at. Find what your body is missing and make sure you find a proper supplement for it. You might end up only needing something generic like a kale-loaded protein shake in the morning to give you a vitamin and mineral boost, or you might realize that your body requires a bit more stimuli in the form of an IGF-1 shot from a Deer Antler Spray to help you in muscle growth.

Whichever it might be make sure you look for quality products that will boost you naturally and not impact your health.

The next thing to look at, apart from the right exercise clothes and shoes, are fitness watches. These are great motivators for beginners. Not only can you set goals, but you can track your progress. They will provide you with data on each work-out that you do, and you will slowly but surely start seeing improvements to your overall health and timings with the watches.

Keep in mind that the right shoes are also important. Make sure you spend some money on getting the right trainers for your chosen routine. The right running shoes will make a vast difference in your run as the incorrect shoes can severely impact your body and cause long term damage.

Set Daily and Weekly Goals

You are all kitted out with the right clothes, shoes, and boosters to get you going. Now, you can focus on those goals. Setting goals is a key part of getting the right work-out routine planned and actually started. You need to keep in mind that you need to be realistic with your goals. If you reach too far too quickly, you will wear yourself out quickly, hurt yourself or feel demotivated.

Start small and start working up from there. Set weekly targets of rep changes and map out your anticipated progress for the next few weeks.

There are thousands of resources for you to research the right exercise plan for you. You will need to keep in mind that everyone is different, each body type differs and each lifestyle is not identical. So, be kind to yourself; match the right one for you.

High-Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) are highly recommended to those with a busy lifestyle and who want to get the right amount of exercise into their day. They are short bursts of highly intensive exercise programs that can kick-start your routine and get you feeling fitter quickly.

Change Your Diet

Exercise is nothing if you are not changing what you are putting into your body. Remember, it is the fuel for your body to be able to take on your new physical regime, and to ensure your brain remains sharp at the same time.

If you are still packing in the pizzas and takeaways that are fat and sugar-heavy, you won’t be able to take on exercise with the same energy levels.

So, start planning your meals for the week but be realistic. Swapping to a juice cleanse or vegan-based diet within a day is simply setting yourself up for failure. Plan vegetarian days and stick to them. Add in chicken, meat and fish days (if you are that way inclined) and start replacing your carbs with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Secondly, increase your water intake daily. Drinking water can not only assist with vital organ functioning, but it keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised. It will continue to flush your system of impurities, so the more water you drink, the more you are ridding yourself of toxins. A great way of making sure that you drink more water is by adding various things to it. Adding cucumber, mint, grapefruit, lemon and various other elements not only make it more appealing to drink, but they promote weight-loss. Certainly an added bonus.

Wrapping Up

The key element is to keep rewarding yourself when you reach certain goals. If you start finding certain parts of the workout unfavourable, your brain will start creating scenarios to get yourself out of them.

Start a routine with a friend. Create a great music playlist to keep you motivated, and end each work-out with something to make you feel great about.

Good luck, and get that new decade started with a bang!

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