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Can’t Get Rid Of Belly Fat? Here’s How You Can


Can’t Get Rid Of Belly Fat? Here’s How You Can


Do you find this picture fake and made-up? fitness_couple

You  surely must be thinking, “Ah! It exists only on bottle labels and ads!”

Just a moment. Wait and think.Were you born with that ugly bulge around your waist?


Then, why do you think that, this picture up there is a fake one! The only difference between your belly and theirs is that you didn’t bother much about it till now, and they worked on it forever.

So what? It’s never too late to do the right thing. You are not aspiring for something supernatural; just something that you once had and want back again!

Here’s presenting to you, the most natural solution to trim that belly. Throw away all those slimming powders and tonics, shaping belts and impractical diet charts.

Read on to burn off all that fat sticking there and then drink what you like, eat what you want to and wear all that you’d put aside since forever.


This is what Yoga can do for you

It can help you:

  • fit into those cool pair of denims
  • attract the eyes of that special someone in the third row
  • let yourself be a part of the Cheese Pizza party
  • buy beachwear this summer
  • make you ineligible for the ‘fatso’ title this year
  • wear body-hugging clothes and yet look striking


Let’s get started

These are the top 12 poses for you to have a belly as flat as a pancake!
Things needed:

  1. You and your not-so flat belly
  2. A Yoga mat
  3. Comfortable clothing

1. Cat-Cow Pose

yoga cat cow

Sanskrit name: Marjariasana – Bitilasana
Read complete steps of Cat-Cow stretch here.

Associated benefit: Upper and lower back stretching

2. Cobra Pose

Yoga pose bhujangasana

Sanskrit name: Bhujangasana
Read complete steps of Cobra Back Stretch here.

Associated benefit: Stronger arms

3. Boat Pose

boat pose

Sanskrit name: Navasana
From a sitting position, get into a V-shape or boat shape, putting your entire weight on your buttocks. The weight is balanced totally on the buttocks.

Associated benefit: Slimmer Thighs

4. Bow Pose



Sanskrit name: Dhanurasana
Lie down on your belly and catch hold of your feet. Lift the legs high into a bow shape.

Associated benefit: Abdominal stretch

5. Forward Bending Pose

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Sanskrit name: Uttanasana
Read complete steps of Standing Forward Bend here.

Associated benefit: Full body (backside) stretch

6. Surya Namaskar

It is a 12 asana sequence which is well described in this post with images and associated breathing pattern: Sun Salutations For A Full Body Workout

surya namaskar sun salutation

surya namaskar sun salutation

Associated benefit: Complete body workout

7. Shoulder Standing Pose


Sanskrit name: Sarvangasana
Lie on the back with your hands under the mid-back. Now lift your legs and lower body such that the weight of the body is supported on the head, shoulders, upper arms and neck. Perform this asana only under expert supervision.

Associated benefit: Stronger and shapelier shoulders

8. Wind relieving Pose

Wind relieving Pose / Pavana Muktasana

Sanskrit name: Pavana Muktasana
Press the left knee and thigh against the chest and the tummy. Release and repeat with the other leg and thigh.

Associated benefit: Relief from back pain

9. Locust Pose

locust pose

Sanskrit name: Shalabhasana
It is essentially a spine stretch. Lie in prone position on the floor and lift your hands and the weight of your legs as high as possible from the ground.

Associated benefit: Firm buttocks and back thighs

10. Bridge Pose

bridge pose

Sanskrit name: Setu Bandhasana
Read complete steps of the Bridge pose here.

Associated benefit: Shapelier and stronger calves

11. Plough Pose

plough pose halasana

Sanskrit name: Halasana
Lie supine on the floor. Lift both your legs together and place them behind your head. This asana is not recommended for those with cervical spine issues.

Associated benefit: Firmer back

12. Half Lord of Fishes Pose

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes Pose)

Sanskrit name: Ardha Matsyendrasana
Read complete steps of this Spinal Twist here.

Associated benefit: Reduction of side bulge on waist

That’s for the Yoga part of it. I won’t elaborate on the other ways of reducing the belly fat which people think can be coupled with Yoga, because I have strong faith and confidence that Yoga Asanas alone can do the wonder.

So, stop running here and there looking for ways to get a slimmer waist. Just grab your Yoga mat and start unfolding the magic which you have been waiting to enjoy since years.

Get toned fast and easy!

Last updated: June 26th, 2014
Next update: Aug 26th, 2014

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