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Here’s A Quick Way To Get Relief From Headache


Here’s A Quick Way To Get Relief From Headache


When news about Paul Alterio flashed, Kim sprung up in the sofa hoping to find relief from her age old headache issue.

Doctors at Ohio’s Wexner Medical Center implanted a device in Paul’s gums which would stimulate and short-circuit the nerves affecting headaches. It was too scientific for me to comprehend and surely it was the same for Kim, nevertheless she jumped in joy, because she had wasted a lot of time of her life staying home and practically away from all life and fun, just because of a mere headache.

Seeing her getting so happy at just the hope of a device (which is still in the making and might be expensive initially) that could treat headaches, I couldn’t stop myself from suggesting her Yoga.

I gave her the below mentioned 10 Yoga Poses to treat headaches and I’m sharing the same with you making it the post of the week.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Sanskrit Name: Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward-Facing-Dog yoga pose

Steps: Begin by standing straight. Bend forward from your waist and rest your palms on the floor. Work your feet to the back of the mat till you get into the pushup position. Lift up your hips and let your body form an inverted V. Look under and hold for 5 breaths. Repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose has therapeutic effect on sinusitis and cures insomnia.

Plow Pose

Sanskrit Name: Halasana


Steps: Lie on your back on the floor and keep your hands to the sides. As you exhale, bend from hip joints, lift up both your legs and place them behind your head, forming the shape of a plow. The toes should touch the floor and the legs should be fully extended. Hold the pose for at least 30 secs – 1 minute. Repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose calms the brain and stimulates the thyroid gland.

Seated Forward Bend

Sanskrit Name: Paschimottanasana


Steps: Get seated on the floor and stretch out your legs in front. Bend forward from the waist so that your upper body is parallel to your legs. Grasp your big toes with your hands. Look down and hold the pose for 15 secs. Repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose relieves the symptoms of menopause and is therapeutic for high B.P.

Standing Forward Bend

Sanskrit Name: Uttanasana

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Steps: Stand straight in Mountain Pose. Bend forward and down from the hips and lengthen your torso. Bring your palms to the back of your ankles and rest them on the floor. Look down and hold for 30 secs. Repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose helps relieve stress and stretches the hamstrings.

Bridge Pose

Sanskrit Name: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

bridge pose

Steps: Lie on the floor on your back.Bend your knees and keep your hands to the sides. Raise your hips off the floor, and press the weight onto both feet forming a bridge with your body. Interlock your fingers under your back and keep your arms straight. Hold the pose for 3 breaths and repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose relieves the symptoms of menopause and reduces backache.

Corpse Pose

Sanskrit Name: Savasana

savasana yoga pose for ultimate relaxation

Steps: In a quiet place, lie in supine position with your legs spread slightly apart and eyes closed. Keep your hands slightly away from your body. Breathe deeply and relax the whole of your body. Imagine individually each and every body part being relaxed and stay still. Do this for about 10 mins and come back to consciousness gradually by wiggling your toes and fingers.

Associated Benefits: This pose relaxes the body and lowers blood pressure.

Reclining Hero Pose

Sanskrit Name: Supta Virasana

Reclining Hero Pose (Supta Virasana)

Steps: Begin by sitting in Hero Pose (Virasana). Recline your upper body backwards, such that your back rests on the floor. Keep your arms to either side of the trunk and let the palms face up. Hold the pose for 30 secs and repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose releases intestinal gas, cures acidity and brings relief from respiratory ailments.

Fire Log Pose

Sanskrit Name: Agnistambhasana

fire log pose agnistambhasana

Steps: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Keep the left foot under the right leg and move it to the outer side of the right hip. Place the outer leg on the floor. Place the right leg above the left leg and the right ankle on the outer side of the left knee. Put pressure on your heels and spread the toes extending your torso as much as possible.As you exhale, fold forward from the groin. Place your hands on the floor. Stay in the pose for a minute and repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose is a good hip opener and increases flexibility.

Wide Legged Forward Bend

Sanskrit Name: Prasarita Padottanasana

Wide Legged Forward Bend

Steps: Stand in Mountain Pose. Step your feet wide apart depending on your height. Keep your hands on your hips. Bend forward from the hips. As the torso comes parallel to the floor, rest your palms on the floor between your legs and directly below your shoulders. Look down. Feel the stretch. Stay in the pose for 30 secs and repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose relieves mild backache and depression.

Extended Puppy Pose

Sanskrit Name: Uttana Shishosana

Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana)

Steps: Get on all your fours. Walk your hands a few inches forward.Exhale and move your hips halfway back towards your heels. Drop your forehead to the floor and let your elbows not touch the ground. Keep your arms straight and look down. You can keep the lower back slightly curved. Hold the pose for 30 secs and repeat.

Associated Benefits: This pose stretches the spine and shoulders and relieves stress.

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