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10 Yoga Poses Safe For Blood Pressure Patients

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10 Yoga Poses Safe For Blood Pressure Patients


You have been reading a lot from me on various Yoga poses good for the spine or belly or for pregnant ladies and what not. In every other post on Yoga poses, poor Blood Pressure (B.P) patients find a helpless mention in the contraindication section. So here is another post to make up for what they go through.

This post is dedicated to all the B.P. patients-cum-readers who wish to practice Yoga, but are unable to do so owing to the restrictions that come with certain Yoga poses.

Below is a list of top 10 poses that are absolutely safe for B.P. patients and have a couple of extra advantages other than just treating the blood pressure issue that they face:

Half Spinal Twist

Sanskrit Name: Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes Pose)


Place one foot on the floor on the outer side of the opposite leg and twist the torso towards the top leg. Bend the bottom leg and keep the foot outside the opposite hip. Catch hold of either foot with your hands.

Associated benefits: Helps you get rid of side flab and improves digestion

Wind Relieving Pose

Sanskrit Name: Pavanmuktasana



Lie down supine on the floor. Press your knees and thighs against your chest and tummy.

Associated benefits: Facilitates good bowel movement and stretches lower back

Cobra Pose

Sanskrit Name: Bhujangasana

Yoga pose bhujangasana


Start from the prone position, that is, lie on the floor facing downwards. Get onto your hands and lift up your chest, keeping the rest of the body as it was.

Associated benefits: Relieves from stress and fatigue while firming up the buttocks

Locust or Grasshopper Pose

Sanskrit Name: Shalabhasana

locust pose


Start with the prone position on the floor. Use the strength of the upper and the middle back to lift up your legs as high as possible so as to form the shape of a locust.

Associated benefits: Increases flexibility of the body and helps develop stamina

Bow Pose

Sanskrit Name: Dhanurasana




Lie down on the floor in prone position. Catch hold of your feet and lift up the legs so as to form the shape of a bow.

Associated benefits: Helps lose weight and is effective in curing respiratory disorders like asthma

Child’s Pose

Sanskrit Name: Balasana

wide child pose


Kneel down on the floor and rest your buttocks on your feet. Now bend down in a fetal position and face the floor. Put your arms either to your sides or extend them in front of you. The forehead should touch the ground and the chest can go in between the knees.

Associated benefits: Releases tension from the back and helps get rid of belly fat

Seated Forward Bend

Sanskrit Name: Paschimottanasana



Sit on the floor and spread out your legs flat in front. Bend forward from the hips, such that the trunk becomes parallel to the legs. The head should be placed between the legs.

Associated benefits: Tones abdominal area and balances menstrual cycle in women

Cat Pose

Sanskrit Name: Marjarasana




Get on all your fours with your thighs straight and hands perpendicular to the ground. Inhale and raise up your head back while pushing down your navel. Exhale and curve out your spine towards the sky and push your head inwards.

Associated benefits: Increases blood circulation in the body and tones back muscles

Diamond Pose

Sanskrit Name: Vajrasana



Sit flat on the floor and fold up your legs as illustrated. Rest your palms on your knees and practice breathing exercises.

Associated benefits: Helps cure acidity and urinary tract problems while facilitating smooth digestion

Corpse Pose

Sanskrit Name: Savasana

savasana yoga pose for ultimate relaxation


Lie supine on the floor and spread your arms to your sides. Keep the legs wide apart, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Consciously focus on each body part and with each round of breath think that a specific body part is getting relaxed.

Associated benefits: Cures insomnia and is beneficial for those suffering from neurological disorders and diabetes

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Last updated: 17th July 2014

Next Update: 17th Sept 2014

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