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World’s Ugliest Woman – On True Beauty And Life

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World’s Ugliest Woman – On True Beauty And Life



While the whole world seems to despise fat and striving to achieve the lowest body fat percentage possible, there is one woman who eats 60 meals a day just to keep her energy levels up. Imagine being 5 ft 2 and weighing not more than 58 pounds, despite consuming more than 5000 calories a day! How’d you feel? Not happy, I assume. Well, this woman, who is also a communication student celebrates, if her weight tips that number.Unaware of her genetic deformity, many less emphatic people have tagged her with numerous reprehensible labels, one being, The World’s Ugliest Woman. Fighting her rare medical condition and these ‘global’ bullies, the woman has come out as an inspiration for everyone. She firmly believes:

“Labels can define you, only if you let them to.”

Her recently published book, ‘Be Beautiful, Be You’ describes the life of stares and sighs she grew up, and how she managed to rise above all the negativity. One day she decided, she’ll only be recognized for her success and accomplishments, and is now making it happen.

“Tie your happiness to goals, and you’d never be unhappy again.”

Lizzie Velasquez was born without any adipose tissue on her body, meaning, she could never gain fat. To some it may sound like a blessing, but for her, the medical condition,  Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome, as some doctors believe, is the reason behind her wrinkled skin, cardiovascular issues, lost eye sight and premature ageing. Now, no one would want that to happen to them, but she actually is one of three people to be suffering from this genetic mutation. Imagine how lonely would you feel with no one to actually understand what you are going through.

“No one gets a huff of the tempest raging inside you. At the end of the day, you are your true friend. Fall, laugh, hold yourself up, rub off the dust, and continue walking.”

But this twenty three year old though feels different, is unfazed and unperturbed by any such stats. She stands strong, ambitious, living life on her terms. She was stared, and stared long. Wanna know how she rose above it? In such awkward scenarios, Lizzie would walk up to the people, say hello and introduce herself. She’d talk to them and let them know, she is way more than what meets their eyes.

“When people are blind to see the truth, walk up to them, and awaken their soul.”

Lizzie, according to her mother was a miracle child: four weeks premature, weighing mere 2.1 lbs and protected by minimal amniotic fluid. It was speculated that she might have some learning disorder, but as she grew up, all such speculations were ruled out. Though, she is ‘healthy’ as of now, there is no guarantee of how her body will lead her in future. Far from all such worries, turning hate into love, Lizzie is busy studying, eating, enjoying her life, and inspiring many others.

“Brave might not last long. But, cowards don’t live at all.”

The way Lizzie Velasquez is trending everywhere is a sign that bullies do lose. Stand strong, walk tall, and they’ll be silenced. Her take on fairy tales is:

“I love fairy tales, not because they tell you dragons exist. But, because they let you believe that dragons can be defeated with one mighty-spirited knight.”

She did not lash out or lose her cool when people judged her, she just built a fort out of the stones thrown at her and look where she stands now, waving her flag of victory.

“Hate cannot kill hate. It can only be pacified by Love.”

And on a final note. Lizzie found her motivation in hate. And we found an inspiration in her. Its a proof, god sends gifts in crazy packets. Though it might help some, but no need looking for appreciation from others in holding yourself up. You don’t need any surgeries or artificial procedures. All you need to do is accept your life and make the most of it. You’re beautiful in every form. Don’t look any further than the person you see in mirror. That’s who you need to convince.

Here is her YouTube video where she talks about her life and motivation.

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