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Workout Meggings

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Workout Meggings


Note: This post has been sponsored by Differio that provides workout leggings for Men.

Meggings are the perfect way to jumpstart your summer workout style with the hottest item in menswear. You’re probably thinking the last thing you need in high humidity is a long pant, but men’s workout leggings are totally different from traditionally stuffy sweatpants. They’re made from sweat-wicking fabric that’s lightweight and stretchy, so it feels like a second skin, even in the ickiest of weather conditions.

Whether you’re into hot yoga or mountain climbing, Differio has the coolest selection of men’s activewear to help you reach your summer body goals in style. This men’s trendy clothing store has the hottest online collection of leggings for men perfect for every indoor and outdoor summer activity.

From graphic to military, we’ve rounded up the top 5 meggings trends available exclusively on Differio to keep you looking cool in the summer heat.

1. Graphic Flag Leggings

Whether or not it’s a holiday, graphic flag leggings are a sporty way to flaunt some patriotic pride all year round. Flags are already highly decorated in pattern, so it’s a great way to wear an athletic piece that’s decked out in color. Since these cool leggings are covered in a bold flag print, they’re best paired with a neutral top that doesn’t overwhelm your entire workout ensemble.

2. Muscle-Enhancing Leggings

It’s time to pump up the volume in muscle-enhancing leggings for men that’ll actually bulk up your body. Maskulo is known for it’s ultra sexy men’s activewear, and their padded male leggings. These meggings are great for bodybuilders and weightlifters to create the illusion of extra muscle mass while pumping iron on the bench press. You’ll definitely earn some glances next time you hit the gym in these sexy men’s tights.

3. Military Leggings

The military trend is blowing up in menswear, and it’s becoming an even bigger hit in athleisure. This look is all about rocking army green and camouflage print. Try a camouflage sportswear set with a matching tank top for double the camo print. If you’re wearing these meggings outdoors, you can pair these workout pants with combat boots or hiking sneakers.

4. Shiny Leggings

Depending on the pattern, shiny men’s leggings can create the illusion of enhancing your glutes and thighs in all the right places. The black leggings by SuperRoad are designed with a shiny tribal pattern that wraps around the legs to highlight muscle tone. You can also try men’s fashion leggings in faux leather with a patent leather-look finish. Whether you’re hitting the gym or window-shopping, shiny leggings are the way to go for versatile and trendy men’s workout pants.

5. Striped Leggings

Do stripes ever really go out of fashion? Stripes on men’s compression pants add a classic touch to a modern workout pant. These striped tights for men come in a variety of patterns from the single vertical stripe to all-over pinstripes. If you’re going for the most vivid pair of patterned men’s leggings, try rainbow leggings with aerodynamic stripes great for showing off loads of color.

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