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Workout Trends helps you DESIGN an action plan for your life, a program you can follow despite the demands of a BUSY lifestyle, the one that can get you RESULTS. Learn what WORKS and what DOESN'T for your fitness goals.

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Voyage from to


Voyage from to

563 Rebrands To Rebrands To

Why’d We Rebrand?

Change is the law of life. True that! But that’s too cliched a reason for us to switch from to We’ve got a vision and a mission to vouch for the change. Yes! I wrote it right and you read it correct. We’re now and not A feeling of intense happiness runs down every vein of mine as I announce this. Albeit its a collection of mixed emotions to replace After all it was the startup name, and firsts are always special. But wait! Did I say we’re improved, enhanced and even wider now!

I’m absolutely aware of the whys? Hows? Whats? questions boiling in your head. So I am patient to answer them all. Switching over was a very deliberate and conscious attempt. Nothing has been done in a haste. As it is, we had no reasons to rush. Okay! So to broaden the horizon and cater to a wider set of audience laid the primary foundation of moving to The services remain the same, only the mode of deliverance is altered. Altered for the better. Better at your end, harder at ours. The better it grew, more hard work it demanded. And here, we are with Workout Trends .com.

‘Healthse’ was essentially the acronym ‘health search engine. The vision prior to its inception fed over delivering a one stop health search, which did get executed to quite an elevated extent. is just another fresh beginning. It does the same with a difference. spoils you with more ease to access to better stuff on health, fitness, bodybuilding and workouts. All the fitness freaks who have been following us have reviewed of leading a fitter life. In the new change, you would notice the exclusive resource category. It adds to the awesomeness as it serves to be an ‘inventory’ to well almost all the workout exercises with text and video tutorials. Also, you would be just a click away from any fact, any query left unanswered with you in the FAQ’s (Facts and Questions) section – another subsidiary of the resource category.

Fitness theories, dietary suggestions, health facts, they’re all the same and shall never change. The changes we wanted were the creative deliverance of these theories.

Health trends is what keeps changing. To understand such changes and to bring it to your acknowledgement is what gives us the desired satisfaction. The urge to reach the depth of health and fitness refuels us. We believe to empathize, create and deliver what’s there as a query in your mind. This cultivates as one of those basic reasons of transformations from to

From nutrition, to  recipes, to cardio, to yoga, to bodybuilding – you name it and you got it. And wait, you ain’t that fitness freak and see yourself no where closer to exercising or being healthy? Well, we got an exclusive inspirational section to motivate that lazy bone of yours. Get inspired by following what workout regime celebrities go through. Whats the hype about Milkha singh, Arnold schwarzenegger, Hrithik Roshan. And how could I miss!! We also cater to the facts and benefits of every form of alcohol (Well yeah! Alcohol comes with its own set-o-benefits). is nothing but the change we wished to be. Now with your yoga cup of tea, follow us and be a a part of the healthy clan.

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